Trade body calls on MPs & unions to come together to fix broken gig economy

gig economy

Leading figures within the modern employment sector recently met in Parliament to debate the future of the gig economy.

The event, which was organised and hosted by PRISM, was attended by a range of different industry representatives.

The panel included PRISM’s CEO, Crawford Temple, Robert Halfon MP, a former Cabinet Minister and Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party, Nick Denys, Employment Policy Officer at the Law Society and Nigel Keohane, the Head of Research at the Social Market Foundation.

Commenting on the event Crawford Temple said, “This event in Parliament was an important opportunity to make the case to politicians about the long term, structural changes that are needed to address the problems in the gig economy”.

“All of us on the panel agreed that the complexity of the tax system, a failure to comply and a lack of enforcement are all problems that need addressing. We have set out our proposed solutions and we look forward to collaborating with others in the future.”

PRISM, a not for profit professional trade association, recently set out it’s proposals in a review entitled “The Case for Structural Reform”. The three guiding principles, they wrote, were a simplification and better understanding of the rules, better compliance with those rules and greater enforcement in the event of non compliance.

“With the tax and employment system struggling to cope with the challenges of the modern labor market, this document pulls together many of the comments and recommendations from other Government papers,“ added Temple “and we will be submitting our plans to the Chancellor before this Autumn’s budget.”