Tips to help international students ace their essays

Writing a first-level essay is by no means easy, but it certainly is doable!

From choosing a topic you feel comfortable writing about to planning your answer in advance to give yourself the ultimate starting point, there are countless ways to can achieve the best grade and ace your essay. Soon enough, with the help of our top tips below, you’ll be a pro at assignment writing!

Choose A Topic

More often than not you will be assigned a specific topic to write about, but in some cases, you might be given free reign to write about a topic of your choice. When choosing a topic, it is essential to consider what interests you and what you find easiest to write about. After all, just because you are interested in something, it doesn’t always mean that you will find it easy to write about. Though sometimes you won’t be given a choice, when you are, take it as your time to shine! In order to ace your essay, pick a topic that you know a lot about, whether it is the importance of fashion or the detrimental effects of keeping animals in zoos.

Plan Your Answer

Whilst many people avoid planning their answer because they feel as though they don’t need to or simply can’t be bothered to, those that do plan their answer considerably benefit by doing so. Yes, it might take 10 or even 20 minutes to plan, but it will help put your ideas in order so you can choose a focus for your assignment. We know you want to get your essay out of the way as quickly as possible, by when you free write, you are more likely to get your ideas confused and your essay will just be a jumble of words that simply don’t make sense – which is even more stressful!

Be Powerful

When you get handed an essay, you want to get it out the way as quickly as possible. Whilst you want to have completed it before the final deadline, rushing your essay last minute or completing it in a matter of minutes is not ideal. In order to ace your essay, it is crucial that you are powerful with your writing. Though writing the conclusion, for example, is difficult, it is your final chance to wow the reader, thus making it more than worth devoting additional time to. In order to ensure you receive the top grade, be powerful with your words and avoid using first-person pronouns and contractions.

Adding The Final Touch

Though you might think that you have completed your essay when you finish writing the final paragraph – you haven’t! Before you put your pen down, it is important to check the order of your paragraphs. Whilst this may seem pointless because, after all, you’ve just spent two if not three hours writing your essay, it is crucial that your strongest points are both the first and last paragraphs with the text, and those that aren’t quite the deal breaker should sit in the middle. Likewise, you should check your spelling, punctuation and grammar as this can significantly affect your final grade. If you’re not sure how you can improve your essay, ask a friend, classmate or close family member to read over it. This way, you can ensure you really do ace your essay!

There are countless ways you can get the grades you want for your essay. From planning out your answer to help you identify a clear focus point, to re-reading your essay at the end to smooth out the finishing touches that could be the difference between grades, there are so many ways you can ensure you ace your next essay as well as those in the future!