Tips for following up on a job application

job application

You have submitted a job application for a role you really like and think you can excel in.

However, it has been a while since you have heard anything about your application – what do you do? Should you sit patiently and wait? Is following up a better option? If so, how? Email? Phone call?

If you are confused what you should do, this guide will take you through all the best tips explaining how you should follow up on that all-important job application. It is vital that you do not put off the recruiter by pestering them or being inappropriate, so read through this guide carefully.

Try Email First

An email is a soft approach to following up on a job application. It seems to be less of a statement than a phone call would be, which is often viewed as interrupting and time consuming in today’s digital climate.

Emailing managers and recruiters can show greater respect to them and their schedule as they can respond to your email in their own time. Therefore, it seems less pushy as an initial step.

Be considerate of time

If your point of contact has welcomed the idea of contact via your email and says they will be getting back to you shortly, but they do not, it is okay to be slightly more assertive with the second follow up. Try not to be aggressive, but show that you are very passionate about the job role.

However, if you are not careful, it can show that you are not respectful of the needs of others. For example, do not take it upon yourself to keep dialing the phone or even show up at the office to show your determination. The likelihood is that the recruiter has a packed schedule and you are interrupting this, putting them off you as a candidate altogether – even if they saw you as a potential fit before.

Consider the company culture

The way you follow up on a job application can be dependent on the company culture. For instance, if you were approached by a recruiter and they scheduled the interview, continue to engage with them, instead of the employer directly.

If it is a small business in a more casual setting, you may be in better position to call up and speak to the business owner directly.

You want to appreciate how they do things and show that you can follow the same etiquette.

Display your skill set

Each time you interact with a hiring manager or a recruiter, treat it as an opportunity to showcase your skills. You can do this no matter how you follow up a job application; phone call, email, via social media or in person – remain professional and show them you are a great fit for the role through your variety of skills.

Never send an email without a professional tone or message them randomly on social media. Make sure you always present yourself with poise when calling or meeting in person.

Doing so will show that you have great written and communication skills, which is usually required for any job role. You want to show that you are going to be a good representative of the company and be able to speak and write to clients effectively.

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