Three famous companies tell us how to succeed by offering more


The Director of the U.S Patent Office in 1899 said, “Everything that can be invented has already been invented.”

During the same time, Milton Bradley said, “Every game that can be invented and played is already out there.”Anna Quindlen at a Holyoke College commencement in 1999 said, “Every story has been told. There is no need to ever write another book.”These opinions are pretty much discouraging and don’t really matter, especially when we have experienced some incredible inventions, games and stories ever since.However, Quindlen followed her statement with another comment saying, “Except that each writer brings to the table something unique that no one else in the history of time ever has.”We believe there is always something new to create. Something that is better, faster and even more entertaining. If you look at the history of all the famous companies today, you will realise that they began with a single product or service.Every successful business today started off as a niche and expanded its customer base either geographically or by increasing the range of products and services they offer. With the invention of the Internet, reaching out to people became even much easier.If you see, Google and Yahoo are just simple search engines. But today they offer different methods of communication, social media and physical products compared to what they began with. These big companies did not gain success overnight. Behind their success are the timeless efforts of people who believed in the idea and worked day and night to attain the position they are on today.Sure they must have faced few financial crises along the way, but they never gave up. In fact, small businesses and start-ups today have an option to seek financial help from thealternative finance firms. If you are having trouble with your cash flow or late payment issues, we recommend you to opt for the funding options that the alternative finance firms offer. With their expert guidance and low interest rates, we are sure your financial crises would be easy to tackle.But there is lot more a young entrepreneur can learn from famous companies. So, we listed what three of our favourite companies could teach you about success.


In the year 2009, Rovio was a small Finnish gaming company. It was struggling with finances and was desperate to make its first big break in the mobile gaming industry. During this time, a developer named Jaakko Iisalo came up with a game (which would have been the most ridiculously silly game) about colourful fat birds, with bushy eyebrows and no legs at all. Well, these birds were made to hurl quickly from a slingshot to attack castles. Doesn’t it sound simple?Two years after the game launch, Angry Bird was downloaded over 50 million times. By the year 2012, the game had reached over 1 billion downloads, while 200 million people playing it monthly and 30 million people playing it daily. Rovio’s most awaited big break, finally!Later, after only three hours of another game in the series, Bad Piggies (released in 2012) had topped the iOS paid download charts. Although Rovio got its first big break, it didn’t really quit while they were ahead in the game.Taking advantage of its big success, Rovio decided to expand its business and target audience. The company started adding cartoons and commercials to its products. There were merchandise and soon over 35 per cent of children in USA had Angry Bird stuffed toys, bed sheets, key chains and several other things.In 2016, people were eagerly waiting for the release of The Angry Birds Movie. I mean, these birds never quit and we think neither should you.


Just before the world was adjusting itself with Internet, a new poker website was launched. In 2011, PokerStars went live and offered play-money games to poker enthusiasts. In December 2011, the website went real-money live and started to take off ever since. PokerStars made its presence online by offering its audience some cool features and unique functionalities, such as cool avatars or letting people use their own pictures on their profiles.In the year 2014, the website announced that it will be adding other casino games and sports betting to their online venues, starting in Europe. By the year 2015, the website was globally famous and had games such as blackjack, craps, slots and roulette. Once the company made it big in the world of poker (its niche), it expanded and reached a wider range of audience.During its successful journey, PokerStars caught attention of many celebrities and sports figures like, Cristiano Ronaldo to represent as ambassadors to poker. Even today, the company is keeping up with the latest technologies to secure and expand their target audience.

Apple Inc.

Is it even possible to talk about small companies making it huge without the mention of Apple Inc.?Apple began in 1975 with three young guys in a garage making the first inexpensive ‘personal desktop computer’. The computer that was made was a typewriter-like gadget attached to your television set. In fact, it was nearly impossible to gain any financing and hardly 200 units of the initial Apple I were produced.Further, Apple II had colour graphics and Apple III had a one-button mouse. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak were two impeccable brains behind the success of The Apple Inc. The Lisa and the MacIntosh had a more developed graphical interface. If all the computer upgrades and innovation brought by the Apple were to be listed, it would take days to describe. However, we all know that Apple Inc. did not really stop at computers.Apple Inc. is one of the world’s biggest designers and distributors of desktop and laptop computers. They also developed iPods for music, games and applications. They didn’t stop at iPods; they also developed Minis, Shuffles and Apple Watches. There is an unstoppable development in the generations of Apple iPhones the world has seen with everyone familiar with Siri (your very own virtual assistant).The Apple Store hosts over 1.5 million applications and games specially developed for iOS devices. There are all kinds of applications to your requirements. We believe, “Expand, expand and only expand!” is the true motto of Apple Inc. and this strategy has certainly worked well for the company.