The Apprentice 2012 – The Girls

Name: Bilyana Apostolova

Age: 25

Job: Risk analyst

Lives: London

Interests: Dancing, baking and travelling

About her: She started her career as an entrepreneur selling snails on her grandparents’ farm in Bulgaria.

She says: ‘I got myself from a Communist block of flats in Bulgaria to the top of a skyscraper in the heart of the City of London.’

Name: Gabrielle Omar

Age: 29

Job: Architect

Lives: London

Interests: Travelling – she once visited 13 different countries in a year.

About her: Her first job was working in her parents’ fish and chip shop when she was 14.

She says: ‘When it comes to business I can be like an animal and I will roar my way to the top.’

Name: Jade Nash

Age: 29

Job: Business development manager

Lives: Bedfordshire

Interests: Going to the gym and watching drag racing

About her: She is a former 18-30 rep and worked at her parents’ caravan park while she was growing up.

She says: ‘What I want is to be able to retire when I’m 45, but I’m such a workaholic that I’ll probably carry on until I’m 80.’

Name: Maria O’Connor

Age: 20

Job: Restaurateur

Lives: Kent

Interests: Shopping and socialising

About her: She opened her own Greek restaurant when she was 19.

She says: ‘If you chuck me in the deep end I’ll swim, I won’t sink.’

Name: Jenna Whittingham

Age: 25

Job: Beauty salon owner

Lives: Lancashire

Interests: Showjumping – she competed at the Wembley 1998 Horse of the Year Show.

About her: She has never been away from home for longer than a week and cannot cook or clean.

She says: ‘My personality and character is once seen, never forgotten.’

Name: Katie Wright

Age: 26

Job: Editorial and research director

Lives: London

Interests: She is a devoted fan of Fulham Football Club.

About her: Her first job was as a pot-washer in a French restaurant when she was 13.

She says: ‘I would call myself The Blonde Assassin. I let people under-estimate me just so I can blow them out of the water.’

Name: Laura Hogg

Age: 28

Job: Bridal shop owner

Lives: Glasgow

Interests: Winter sports.

About her: She once skated with Torvill and Dean.

She says: ‘I am going to be one of Scotland’s next big exports.’


Name: Jane McEvoy

Age: 28

Job: Co-founder of food manufacturing company

Lives: Kilkenny, Ireland

Interests: Animals

About her: She played hockey and camogie – an all-female version of hurling – for her province and county respectively.

She says: ‘Anything is achievable if you have drive, determination, and a seriously good work ethic.’