The Apprentice 2012 – The Boys

Name: Adam Corbally

Age: 32

Job: Market trader

Lives: Derbyshire

Interests: Swimming, football and cycling

About him: He started stacking shelves and now runs a wholesale fruit and veg business.

He says: ‘I get too excited, but that shows my passion, it shows my drive and it shows my ability.’

Name: Azhar Siddique

Age: 33

Job: Founder and managing director of catering and refrigeration company

Lives: Manchester

Interests: His two pet sharks

About him: He says he is inspired by Ikea and its founder, Invgar Kamprad.

He says: ‘It’s not who shouts the loudest, it’s who has the ability to control the conversation.’

Name: Duane Bryan

Age: 29

Job: Founder/director of drinks distribution company

Lives: Manchester

Interests: Going to bars and clubbing

About him: He is a have-a-go hero after he chased and caught a hit-and-run driver trying to flee the scene of a crash.

He says: ‘I am a winner and I am a fighter. In order to be the best you’ve got to beat the best.’

Name: Michael Copp

Age: 31

Job: Managing director of kitchen and bedroom furniture retailer

Lives: London

Interests: Fishing, walking and boxing

About him: He left school at 15 but now wishes he had stayed in education.

He says: ‘I’m better than unique; I’m naturally gifted in business.’


Name: Nick Holzherr

Age: 25

Job: Technology entrepreneur

Lives: Birmingham

Interests: Playing squash, snowboarding and cooking.

About him: He earned money as a nine-year-old by selling golf balls back to golfers.

He says: ‘I’ve got lots of ideas, I know how to whittle them down into ideas that will work and I’ve got what it takes to make them actually happen.’

Name: Ricky Martin

Age: 26

Job: Recruitment team leader

Lives: Hampshire

Interests: Bodybuilding and wrestling

About him: He moonlights as a professional wrestler at nights and at the weekend.

He says: ‘I truly am the reflection of perfection.’


Name: Stephen Brady

Age: 33

Job: National sales manager

Lives: Vienna, Austria

Interests: Learning languages

About him: He once played in the FA Cup as a semi-professional footballer.

He says: ‘Enthusiasm is a huge asset of mine and I believe it’s caught and not taught.’



Name: Tom Gearing

Age: 23

Job: Director of a fine wine investment company

Lives: London

Interests: Watching West Ham and going to gigs.

About him: He says he can be over-confident and does not like early mornings.

He says: ‘I’m confident, charismatic and some people say I’m quite good-looking, so that adds to the bill.’