Start Up Loans: Where they went & how were they spent?

startup loan company launch

Government lending scheme Start Up Loans, has created an interactive guide revealing how new business funding was spent across the UK in 2017 alone.

Based on official data, it is revealed within the interactive that Start Up Loans lent a total of £62,861,292 in 2017, across 20 different business sectors. The North West received the most money for takeaways and mobile food stands than any region in the UK, claiming a total of £156.600.

With London being the business hub of the country, it comes as no surprise that they received the most financial support, getting £11,977,161, which was £7.2 million more in investment than the entirety of Scotland, who received £4,786,646.

It is interesting to see where loans are being spent, and what type of business are dominating particular regions, for example the West Midlands received the most money for hotels and the East of England got the most for fitness facilities.

The interactive guide has much more information on where loans are being spent in the UK, broken down into business sectors and regions. You can view the piece here below.

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