Selling yourself by the hour becomes huge growth market in downturn

Hourlies has been designed specifically for the growing number of people in the UK who are choosing to supplement their primary source of income by working remotely for other people and businesses after working hours, and at weekends.

Since 2008, the so-called ‘5-9 economy’ has grown at an incredible rate as more and more Britons discover how easy it is to generate extra income online. According to the Office for National Statistics, 94,000 more people took on a second job in 2011, taking the total to 1.1million Britons – the highest level since 2002.

The launch of Hourlies is designed to make finding work online easy, fun and reliable. Anyone can post an Hourlie in a matter of minutes – it can be anything from dog walking to small business bookkeeping. You can even upload a video introduction to your particular skill or service to help attract new punters.

A wide range of people are buying Hourlies, for a wide range of reasons. Many are simply looking to learn new things. Others are busy, time-poor people looking for help with chores. And many small businesses have urgent jobs that need doing quickly.

“The average Briton wastes hundreds of hours a year surfing the internet,” says PeoplePerHour founder and CEO Xenios Thrasyvoulou. “Hourlies gives people the option to turn some of that time into income, by selling their skills in a fun and social way.”