Pimlico Plumbers founder Charlie Mullins says he will pay nurses’ ULEZ charges and calls for policy to be binned

Charlie Mullins

Plumbing tycoon Charlie Mullins says he will pay London nurses’ ULEZ charges and called for the scheme to be “abolished immediately”.

The Pimlico Plumbers founder and multimillionaire has vowed to shell out the cost for all nurses newly affected by the ultra low emissions zone (ULEZ) charge in September.

“This is a tax on working people that will cost patients their lives, and so must be abolished immediately. Rishi Sunak needs to grow a pair and force Khan to back down and rip out the ULEZ cameras across all of London,” Mullins said in a statement today.

The businessman, who sold his plumbing empire for more than £140m in 2021, added: “It ain’t right to force people to pay sixty odd quid a week (£12.50 a day) just to go to work.

“This is people’s livelihoods we’re talking about, and even more scary is that Khan is putting patients’ lives at risk. Mark my words, ULEZ on Tuesday, deaths on Wednesday.”

ULEZ expansion means the charging zone now covers the entire 32 boroughs of the capital, and drivers of vehicles which do not meet emissions standards must pay a £12.50 daily fee, or risk being fined – in a bid by City Hall to clean up the city’s air and reduce pollution.

The Prime Minister has also criticised the rollout today, telling broadcasters: “I think people and families are struggling with the cost of living, that is obvious to everyone.

“And at that time, the Labour Party, mayor Sadiq Khan and Keir Starmer are introducing the ULEZ charge which is going to hit working families.

“I don’t think that’s the right priority, I don’t think that’s the right thing to do and I wish they hadn’t done it.”

Keith Prince, City Hall Conservatives transport spokesperson, said: “The expanded ULEZ will have a nominal impact on air quality, but will hit those least able to pay the hardest; including small businesses and charities that cannot afford to upgrade their vehicles”.