Owning a business is good for your health

Despite the perception that running a business is stressful, 82 per cent of the UK’s SME population say their stress levels haven’t changed since they became their own boss with half saying they feel less tense.

As they feel under less pressure, 81 per cent said they experience a restful night’s sleep with less than half saying they have never woken up in the night to attend to a business matter.

As well as revelling in a better night’s sleep, small business owners enjoy additional health benefits with a quarter cited as drinking less alcohol since starting their own company.

SMEs also believe they have a better work-life balance with over a third socialising more with family and friends and 32 per cent having more leisure time to pursue hobbies and interests.

Chris Little, managing director of Premierline Direct said: “It’s great to hear that business owners are reaping the rewards of being their own boss. Starting a business takes a lot of hard work and provides many challenges, but owners can remove unnecessary strain by ensuring they use reliable and knowledgeable service providers.

For example, when you start up a company don’t forget that you can use your buying experiences as a consumer within your business dealings to help you get better value for money, such as going direct to your business insurance provider, as you would for your home or car insurance.”