What to do when your motivation is running low


Motivation is what gets you out of bed to kickstart your day, and without it, it’s difficult to get things done. Naturally, a lack of motivation mirrors your level of productivity, which means your day isn’t going to get much better after receiving a talk with your manager.

There are some easy steps to follow which will help you get yourself back on your feet:

Grab a coffee

Simple but for many of us, it’s a must! Not only does it wake you up, but the caffeine will also help increase your productivity by giving you the energy you need to start off the day. An active and awake mind will enhance thought processing and consequently allow you to think more clearly, generating more ideas – helpful for your working life. When managers recognise employees’ contribution, it is said that engagement increases by 60 per cent – so everyone’s happy!

Watch a motivational TED talk

If you haven’t seen one, you need to. A TED talk is probably one of the best things to watch when your motivation is running low. There hundreds out there, and they’re not the same-old, same-old. With a variety of under 20 minute videos covering all types of subject, I’m certain you will find something you can empathise with.

Take advantage of social media

The influence of social media has rapidly risen since its growing popularity. No matter what type of motivation you’re lacking – whether that be fitness, work, or something you’re working towards, social media can give you the nudge you may need. From following particular accounts that actively post motivational content, to searching a hashtag relevant to what you’re looking for – you are bound to gain some motivation.

We are generally a visually pleased species, which is probably why 700 million of us use Instagram. The app stores thousands of images, and despite most people using the app socially, there are masses of motivational content uploaded onto the app everyday. Popularly, users can store images through Instagram’s option to save a post or by screenshotting what they have seen.

If it’s not a fond photograph set as our phone or desktop wallpaper, a lot of us tend to set a motivational image in its place. This is a great way to help maintain a good level of motivation from having to see the source of motivation every time you go on your phone – which is around 85 times a day.

Take a new approach – maybe you’re getting too used to the way you currently operate

The fact that you can get too used to something, pretty much applies to everything. The way you are working may be getting too repetitive, so try changing it up. Maybe mix up the order of your tasks, or change the location of your work (if you can).

A lot of people like to invest in some new stationary to help with productivity. Yes, new stationary. You’ll be surprised at the difference this can make, but with a fresh notebook and a new set of pens to work with, ideas will soon spur and you’ll want to write to your heart’s content!

Put your earphones in

Got a favourite song or artist? Or maybe just a set list of songs that make you happy/uplifted? – Give them a listen. If not, Spotify stores thousands of different playlists for all types of mood! Music can have such an impact on your perspective and how you feel. Anything with motivational lyrics – pay close attention to, and soon you’ll be raring to go!