Moshe Kantor philanthropy work

All around the world, there are every few people that were successful in making their mark internationally.

These people are recognized as influential people and are awardedwith medals and prizes in the history, as well as in the present time. Onesuch outstanding personality, who was born in Moscow. His name is Moshe Kantor,and he is a proud Jewish.

Dr. Moshe Kantor

Worldwide recognized social worker, and a successful businessman Dr.Moshe Kantor is also a founder of ECTR. N the year 2008, he started his campaign of bringing peace, harmony,and tolerance in Europe. For that purpose, he came up with the idea of a council, that is known with the name of European Council for Tolerance and Reconciliation.

The MottoofDr. Moshe Kantor

Being an enthusiastic Jew, Dr. Moshe Kantor fought for equality and harmony in the European region. He was of the view that differences on the basis of race and creed, the intolerance of extremists, and inequality cannot be a part of Russia and other European countries.

In addition to this, he was a great advocate of the security, liberty,and progress of Jews. According to him, he sees the potential of the Jewish community in Russian and overall Europe to become so strong that they can reenergize their capabilities, and this is his motto to date.

Philanthropy Work ofMoshe Kantor

There are multiple projects related to philanthropy that Dr. Moshe Kantor is doing. Also, in the past, since 2008, he is engaged in his work as a Philanthropist. Now he is known more for being a social worker, rather than a businessman.

President Of EJC

Dr. Moshe Kantor was elected as the president of EJC four times. Throughout his presidential presence in EJC, he strived for the rights of Jews. He always highlighted and supported the Jewish interest. As he was representing the 2.5 million Jewish community of Russia and other European countries, so he was able to make a noticeable difference in the authority that Jews wanted for themselves.

World Holocaust Forum and The European Jewish Fund

Being the founder and the head of World Holocaust Forum and the European Jewish Fund, Dr. Moshe Kantor tried to rectify the mistakes of the past. He was successful in making strategies to learn from the past events, especially the events of 20th century. In this way, he was able to make the Jewish community successful and influential.

European Council forTolerance andReconciliation

He established the ECTR, and this was the biggest move that he could make in the history of Russia. This is because this was the turning point for him, as well as for the European Jews. Using this council, he brought peace, harmony, and tolerance in his country, Russia.

Dr. Moshe Kantor was always concerned about his country and the Jewish community around the world. He took several steps to make sure that the Jews could progress, and he was to a great extent, was able to achieve his target. His philanthropy work for the Jews community is not matchable.