Sir Alan looks for a new set of eyes and ears

will now concentrate solely on her PhD in papyrology, leaving Sir Alan
Sugar to find a new assistant for the show’s sixth run next year. Writing in The Daily Telegraph, she confirmed: “This will be my last series on The Apprentice. I have really enjoyed making the series and it will be a real wrench to say goodbye.

“But making The Apprentice
takes up a large chunk of time each year, and that’s time I could,
indeed should, be spending on my studies. I am working on a PhD in
papyrology at University College London, studying documents found in
Egypt and written in ancient Greek.

“I have not made nearly as
much progress as I would like over the last few years – and I want to
finish my degree before I need a Zimmer frame to get up on the platform
to receive it.”

Responding to the news, Sugar commented: “Margaret has been a highly
regarded colleague and friend for over 25 years. Five years ago she
agreed to put her studies on hold for the first series. None of us
expected the show to be such a big hit, but now, five years later, she
really wants to finish her Masters.

“We will miss her, but I
respect her wishes and want to take this opportunity to thank her for
the great contribution she has made to the series and of course wish
her the best of luck with her studies.”