Jet around the world: The exciting field of aviation

Life up in the air is one of adventure and thrills. If you’re the type to take off and see what the planet has to offer, a career in aviation could be your ticket to the world.

No matter if you’re the captain in the front or a helpful flight attendant in the back, airlines are great employers. The pay rate is fantastic and the benefits are even better! Did you know that most airline personnel can hitch a ride any time they’d like? You’ll earn your pay for sure; the job definitely has its challenges. Once you’re clocked out, you’re free to travel about the country.

Most commercial pilots receive their training in the military and then transfer their skills into the private sector. Private training schools can be found around the nation, these institutions provide the training to get hired by an airline. You’ve got to be at the top of your game to be an airline pilot! Obviously, safety is of the utmost importance. Pilots are entrusted to not only deliver the passengers quickly, they must be transported with diligence and accuracy.

Isn’t it amazing to press a button and have a smiling flight attendant answer your call? As the true face of the airline, flight attendants must be personable and helpful. The job can be difficult for sure. Unforeseen delays happen daily, days get long, and flying can definitely push people to the edge of their patience. Flight attendants work their hardest to keep an entire plane happy and refreshed, but they’re rewarded handsomely.

When the opportunity for time off arrives, it’s time for fun. Airline personnel have a huge advantage when it comes to easy travel. Free flights are just the normal status quo. Living on the road, flight attendants already have their whole lives in a suitcase. Got a few days off? How about Colorado mountain exploration? Maybe the waves of Hawaii and Waikiki surfing lessons over the weekend? Any plane with an empty seat is your ticket to adventure.

Have you ever seen the type of luggage airline workers carry around? The best type of bag is one of the utmost durability. If you’re in a different city every night, those bags are going to take a beating. Your bag’s got to stand out from the crowd, a flight crew bag tag will ensure you won’t be shopping for clothes and a toothbrush when you reach your destination.

Anyone with an adventurous spirit is a perfect fit for the airline industry. The pay is great and there are full benefits offered as well. Whether you’re the type who wants to hold the controls or serve champagne five miles high, there’s a place for everyone. Sure, the job can be hectic. Days can be long and planes can get cramped. Consider the sheer magnitude of the global airline network–but with the talent of millions, people get to their destinations safely, satisfied and on time.