Important tips for choosing the best exhibition stand

Participating in trade shows and exhibitions is among the most rewarding ways that a company can use to not only increase brand recognition, but win the hearts of prospective clients/customers in the long run.

To achieve this, the type of exhibition stand used is an important consideration. Besides the cost factor, the exhibition stand should be appealing enough to ensure that the business goals are met. One advantage is that there are actually a variety of exhibition stand designs to choose from depending on the business needs. Here are some of the factors that every exhibitor should consider when shopping for an exhibition stand

Know your reasons for exhibiting

Companies engage in trade shows and exhibitions for different reasons. Brand recognition, increasing the customer base and increase sales are among the topmost reasons why most companies decide to participate in trade exhibitions. Knowing your objectives will help you come up with a customized stand to serve the intended purpose. Remember that the stand should also offer a marketing platform to ensure the objectives of the exhibition are met.

Purchase or rent?

If you happen to be organizing for a first trade exhibition, rented exhibition stand can be a perfect choice. But if you plan to have several other exhibitions in future, which is also likely to happen, purchasing the exhibition stand will help save on costs. But to effectively serve the purpose, custom built exhibition stands are highly recommended.


Purchasing within your budget is also an important factor that should never be ruled out when looking for an exhibition stand. But most exhibitors only happen to put more energy and resources on the trade shows, forgetting that there are also other expenses to cater for after the show. If you are ongoing exhibitor, you need to purchase an exhibition stand that is both unique and affordable. There is normally a misconception that the best stands come with a price. But with a wide range of suppliers available, you will always be guaranteed of the best exhibition stand and with affordable prices too.

Stand builders

There is no doubt that the whole process of looking for a perfect exhibition stand can be overwhelming. This is because there are a number of exhibition stand builders and all of them are always ready to give reasons why the offer the best stands. Coming up with the most genuine one can end up taking much time, and efforts too. But what exactly should you look for in an exhibition stand builder? The best builders should be reputable, experienced and be ready to offer high quality exhibition stand. This is the only way you can be guaranteed of a good, quality and original exhibition stand.

Staff members

The best exhibition stand should be convenient for all staff members to effectively play their roles. Each member of your team needs to have a comfortable place to stand while having a conversation with prospective customers. The stand should also offer supporting materials including meeting tables and audio visual equipment to handle demonstrations.