How to start a business on a budget

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If you have lofty goals of starting your own business but have seemingly impossible financial limitations to overcome, don’t let it make you give up.

While it’s never easy to launch a business without substantial capital, it can be done by taking the right steps and getting the necessary resources to work for you. When you have a thorough understanding of how to launch a successful business, you can move forward with your entrepreneurial goals on any budget.

Market Research

Conducting adequate market research is one of the most important factors to keep in mind anytime you’re considering launching a new business. If you don’t understand who your target audience is, investors and banks are unlikely to provide you with the finances you’ll need to move forward.

You need to learn everything there is to know about your prospective customers while delving into their wants and needs as they pertain to your product or service. Spend time collecting information about the individuals you want to reach while showcasing why your product or service fulfills a need in the market that has yet to be tapped.

Get to Know Your Competition

Take the time to thoroughly research all of your local, online, and international competition before putting your plan into motion. Delve into the online presence of your top competition and learn the keywords they use to attract customers, same thing with the type of social media pages they use to gather followers. Understanding both your industry and competition inside and out is imperative when you’re looking to raise money for your own venture.

Craft a Business Plan

Craft your business plan once you’ve determined the type of product or service you’ll be selling to prospective customers. Include the cost of investing in the product as well as the markup you plan to implement based on your market research.

Be sure to include statistics that are most relevant to investors, such as the demand for products similar to your own. Having a well-designed business plan in place is essential before you start approaching people for funding.


Financing is another important aspect of launching and running a successful business. Without financing, it’s basically impossible to create and sell products — especially if you don’t much have cash-in-hand.

Some popular methods to obtain the financing you need as a new business owner include:

Small Business Loan

Small business loans are a particularly common option for people seeking financing for their startup or local business. With a small business loan you might be solely responsible for paying it all back, but in return you retain the full rights and ownership of your business venture.

Obtaining a small business loan for a start-up will require you to have excellent credit, provide collateral, and be able to responsibly pay off your loan within a timely manner.

Angel Investors

Angel investors are always seeking new investment opportunities, especially if a product or service is in high-demand. Use online services and attend local networking events to meet angel investors who might be interested in learning more about your business and what you’re able to bring to the market.

When working with an angel investor it’s important to keep in mind that you’ll likely be required to surrender a percentage of your business to the individual who provides your financing.

Build a Website Using a CMS Solution

Build an official website that represents your business using a CMS, or content management system. One of the most popular CMS solutions for businesses and individuals alike includes WordPress. WordPress is free of charge and offers thousands of themes and plugins, making it optimal for showing off products and sharing updates.

With a CMS solution like WordPress, you can create an appealing, relevant, and robust website that is mobile-friendly and easy to browse. WordPress also offers eCommerce plugins like WooCommerce, enabling people to easily establish a store of their own without needing to utilize a third-party.

Develop Your Social Media Presence

Developing your social media presence is a must as an entrepreneur. Create a social media presence for your business or brand to share news, updates, and exclusive promotions. Once you’ve built a solid, loyal following it becomes much easier to encourage engagement, referrals, and sales on your official website.

Building a business is never easy, much less when doing so on a budget. However, having to be money savvy can force you to be more creative and unique than others, which may ultimately give you a leg up. It’s not about how much money you have when you start, it’s the success you create that will set you apart from the rest.