Giving an unforgettable wedding gift

Someone special in your life is getting married. It may be your son or daughter. It may be your sister or brother, your best friend, your niece or nephew, or your grandchild.

Either way, you want to show your love. You’re thinking… fireworks. Not literal fireworks, of course, but you want your gift to be that exciting. You want it to be like the end of a day at Disney World.

It’s probably a moving time for you–your special someone means a lot to you, and you’re feeling a sense of loss as he or she starts a new life. You’re excited, but it’s another sign that your loved one has grown, that she or she has flapped those wings pretty far from the nest of childhood. You miss the person he or she was, even while you’re excited about the person he or she is becoming.

Since it’s such an important time, you want to commemorate it. You’ve scanned your loved one’s registry and you’re not sure any of the gifts off that little old internet list will do the trick. Again, you want fireworks. You want something that says, I love you, that will dazzle him or her for decades.

It’s time to start scheming. Once you think of the right gift, you’ll know. You just have to get the wheels of your brain turning until you get there. With any luck, this article will launch a creative process that lands you right next to the perfect gift.

If you’re on the creative side, a handmade gift will say a lot. Maybe it’s time to start working on a quilt, something your friend will use forever and be reminded of you with every stitch. You can even theme it to specific interests, by making a Harry-Potter bookshelf, or a gorgeous galaxy spiral, reminiscent of Star Wars. If you’re not sewingly-inclined, you can tap into your other creative skills–a gifted painter could make an unforgettable personalized gift. So could a potter, or a poet, or a composer.If you haven’t got an artistic bone in your body, don’t worry! The gift you bring will be lacking in personal touch, but it will abound in usefulness. A lot of couples would rather have something they’ll use, every day, than something beautiful to leave on a mantlepiece. Consider getting something high-end and striking for your loved one’s home. Perhaps you want to add beauty and class to the new home by buying them indoor plantation shutters— a gift that will brighten and enhance a house for decades.

No matter what gift you decide to give, it will be unforgettable. After all, it’s the love your special someone has for you that will make the gift memorable. Your loved one is important to you, but you’re also important to him or her, and your gift will be a reminder of your love each and every day.