Give your business the perfect space to thrive with these design tips

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No matter what sort of business you run, you and your employees deserve an office where you can work hard and play even harder.

That is why you need to consider the interior design of your work building carefully and make sure it suits your brand image. With these design tips, you will be able to give your employees the perfect office space that will make them feel happy to return on a Monday morning.

Ditch the Cubicles

Whilst everyone needs some privacy at work to maintain their productivity levels, no one really likes the feeling of being cooped up in a tiny box all day. Instead of trapping your employees in an isolated cube, opt for an open-space environment. Investing in a set of long tables can really add a fresh, quirky feeling to your work room.

Not only that but they can promote productivity and allow co-workers to develop a sense of comradery with their fellow workers. Everyone can see everyone else and what they are working on, therefore they feel compelled to do the same.

Not only that but less cubicles mean that is easier for your workers to get their daily dose of sunlight from any nearby windows, instead of it being blocked by a large wall.

Colour Schemes

Your colour scheme should ultimately reflect the vibe of your business. Don’t just get used to your office’s white walls. Instead, spruce it up with some bright colours that can get your workers even through the darkest of winter days.

Professional interior designers can give you advice on the best colour patterns to inspire your workers. For example, if you are looking to create a monochromatic masterpiece on your walls, you may want to consider looking into Luxury Office Design from Maris. They are “work design wizards” that can bring you a high-end look and keep your office looking exciting.

Quirky and Fun Designs

If you are running a “hip” brand, why not pick an interior design that reflects the vibrancy of your business? There is nothing wrong with going a little mad with your colour schemes, especially if it brings your employees a pleasant work environment to return to. Unique work designs can inspire the creativity of your workers, for instance if you create a relaxed space, you may want to include beanbags, wooden tables, fur rugs and even book shelves.

Relaxed workers are more productive and this will make them enthusiastic when they are at work. You can even invite artists in to paint murals on your walls, if you feel brave enough. Be creative and create an individual look for your office.

Personal Touches

Your employees will certainly appreciate it if your office building has some personal touches thrown into to help them through a busy work day. Don’t forget to make spaces, such as break rooms, that can help your employees wind down and relax during their breaks and lunch hours. Invest in some fun additions to your space, such as a game room, a tv, a fish tank, a book shelf or even a nap area. But most important, don’t forget about the coffee machine! Leave out all the essentials, some capsules and some biscuits and your employees will lap it up!