ezTalks Meetings: An Outstanding Video Conferencing Solution

Video conferencing has become very popular today as it is often used to improve communication and hold video conferences with colleagues, clients and partners in various geographic locations all around the world.

Along with it come plenty of video conferencing solutions in the market, Among which ezTalks Meetings stands out. ezTalks Meetings is tailored for start-up, small business and large corporations to simplify video conferences and remote collaborations.

What Makes ezTalks Meetings Stand Out?

· Super HD Audio and Video Quality

Audio and video quality is the most essential feature for any online meeting. ezTalks Meetings satisfies both essentials. The HD resolution is 1920*1080p, which makes the audio and visual transmissions crystal clear. However, other resolutions like the 1280*720 are available, so that you can adjust this according to his bandwidth. This is quite a considerate setting because I want to have a full HD experience while having a video conference. The varying options allow me to use the 720p, which is enough for me.

· Quick Access to Meetings

Joining any meeting is quite easy. Every time I send an invitation of a meeting to the customers, they login easily through their browsers without prior registration. This is great due to the fact that new customers are always trickling in and they may not always want to register an account or install software before getting a chance to join a meeting with me. That will only end up taking extra time. I, on the other hand, prefer them to enter my meeting very quickly with no hassles whatsoever.

When the meeting invitation is sent out (either through an email or copying the visitors the meeting details) the recipients click on the link, choose their names and meeting number and within less than a minute, the visitors can get into the online meeting. Another important factor to note is that ezTalks Meetings is available not only on Windows PCs, but also Android phones, iPad, iPhone and Mac.

· Easy Screen Sharing and Annotation

This is my favorite feature of the ezTalks Meetings. Video conferencing helps to save time and money that would otherwise have been used to travel so as to meet with your business partners. Screen sharing enhances productivity and enables you to present various PDF and PPT files to colleagues after drafting the ideas and finalizing them. While using this feature, you simply open your file and clicks the “Share Desktop” button. Afterwards, you can present your ideas to the invitees and make annotations to help illustrate your ideas.

Interactive Whiteboard

Apart from sharing screens with all attendees, you can also use its built-in online whiteboard tool to draw out your thoughts and share it immediately with every attendee at the meeting to boost any meeting, brainstorm, presentation, tutoring or training, regardless of your physical position.

· Ability to Schedule Meetings

ezTalks Meetings enables you to schedule meetings in advance and further send invitations to visitors or participants. Through this, the caller of the meeting ensures that every invitee has an idea about the oncoming meeting. It also enables you to confirm the people who will actually be available at the meeting and those who choose to cancel.

All you have to do is click the “Schedule a Meeting” button and an email will be sent to any person of your choice, giving him all the details concerning the scheduled meeting. The best part about this is that you can select several participants all in one click.

· Cross-Platform Text Messaging

During video conferencing, you will not only feel like you are talking to people face to face, but it will also feel like you are actually communicating. All this is thanks to the instant messaging tool. You can instantly send text messages to one attendee or all, regardless of you’re using an Android phone, iPhone, iPad, Windows computer or Mac. Overall, I have had a great experience with this tool.

· Recording of Meetings

The reason why I usually record my meetings is because two of partners like holding video conferences with me. Once in a while, the third party may fail to join the meeting on time due to unavoidable circumstances. It is for this reason that the meeting is recorded from the starting point so as to save the file and enable the late party to catch up on the earlier conversation. This is advantageous since then I do not have to explain the details all over again hence time is saved.

Sometimes I prefer to record the meetings in case there is need to go back to the details for clarification. This feature is perfectly suitable for business people who do not have secretaries. Thanks to this video conferencing solution, I no longer need a person to take notes for the meetings. So far the longest meeting I have ever recorded was two hours long and it was saved to the system’s WMV file.

After the meeting is over, all you have to do is click the “Stop” button and the video will automatically be saved to your personal computer. Furthermore, you can forward these videos to other members at any time. As a user, you should not be worried about the maximum recording time. Even if the meeting is too long to be saved to one WMV file, it will be subdivided into several bits and finally saved to different files.

· More Features

The person who hosts the meeting controls the meeting. This means he can lock the meeting, kick any member out or make any other person to be a presenter as well in case there is a need to share files.

ezTalks Meetings is definitely worth trying. It gives a free service to 100 participants without time limit. Also, even though it usually says that customer support is available within 48 hours of complaint sent, I usually get a feedback in less than 24 hours. Customer service is available either through a phone call or email. It is also possible to reach them through a live chat.


ezTalks Meetings is one of the best video conferencing solutions in the market. Its professional features make it stand out from other video conferencing services. It is the video conferencing solution to replace other software which is not half as reliable. The best way to acquire more details about ezTalks Meetings is to try it today!