Entrepreneur offers employment ‘leg-up’ to 50 unemployed self-starters

The solution provides a potential resolution to the impasse between the 1m jobless and employers, who currently are reluctant to take on staff due to economic uncertainty. The concept is not new but, the founder and chairman of Moorhouse Group and www.constructaquote.com believes the time is right for performance related pay to make a return.
Wood explains: “Business leaders are more likely to lay people off than take them on at the moment, while graduates and other young people are desperate to find a way into employment and never the twain shall meet. We have reached an employment deadlock at a national level and something has to give.
“Performance related employment gives business a better performing workforce without the fixed overhead which is preventing so many from branching out. For employees, if this is backed with a guaranteed income at least the same as social security payments, they have everything to gain and nothing to lose. It gives them the opportunity and responsibility to perform well with the incentive of being better paid the better they perform.” 
On this basis www.constructaquote.com is now offering a minimum of 50 jobs to work in lead generation at its Caerphilly based headquarters and call centre. In addition to the guaranteed income employees will be paid £20 for each lead generated and be given a career path with a professional qualification route all included.
Currently the average leads produced per person per day is around three and up to and over five. This offers employees the potential to earn a salary of between £20,000 and £34,000 allowing for 28 days off in the year.
Wood continues: “This only works for companies that have a proven formula to calculate the performance and earning potential and who will provide training to gain a qualification”.
“At a time when conventional employment models are failing I would caution against dismissing this as commission only jobs because this has the potential to make a dramatic difference. It is time to get real and think beyond prevailing norms and preconceptions and to do something to reinvigorate and kick start the UK jobs market. This has win-win potential for the individual, business, government and society as a whole.”