Deliveroo launches over 50s awareness campaign to help older people back to work

Deliveroo has launched its new awareness campaign aimed at highlighting the benefits of riding with Deliveroo to over-50s looking to get back into work.

Deliveroo has launched its new awareness campaign aimed at highlighting the benefits of riding with Deliveroo to over-50s looking to get back into work.

The lack of flexible working hours is one of the main barriers for people over 50 who are seeking work, and the campaign aims to raise awareness of the type of work Deliveroo offers – work that puts flexibility at its core.

Riders are able to choose when they work, and for how long they work, making riding for Deliveroo an accessible route back into the jobs market for many who champion flexibility.

To kick off the nationwide awareness campaign, Deliveroo hosted Work and Pensions Secretary Mel Stride for a roundtable discussion with Deliveroo riders as an opportunity to learn more about flexible work and why it suited them.

Riding with Deliveroo allows older workers to be their own boss, take control of their schedule, and benefits those who may not be able to work conventional hours due to personal commitments and unmissable daily routines such as childcare.

Since the start of the pandemic, those aged 50 years and over saw the largest increase of inactive people among all age groups, following a historical downward trend since 1971. Meanwhile, ONS data shows that among those who would consider returning to work, the most important factors when choosing a paid job included flexible working hours.

Demand for flexible work at Deliveroo has seen an 62% increase in the number of riders over-50s from 2021 to 2023, demonstrating that accessibility to this type of work is key to tackling economic inactivity in older workers.

Abdul Javaid, 51, travelled from Kingston for the event, and typically rides for Deliveroo two to three days a week. Following a health scare, Abdul returned to work through riding with Deliveroo, finding the cycling a great way to get exercise, aid his recovery whilst earning at the same time. As a grandfather, he is now able to work around his preferred schedule, allowing him to spend precious time with his family, as well as having a much appreciated flexibility in his everyday life.

When surveying all Deliveroo riders, the flexibility and freedom that this type of work delivers regularly ranks as the number one reason why people choose to ride with Deliveroo. It gives riders total control to choose when, where, and how they want to work.

Alongside the flexibility, Deliveroo also offers all its self employed riders protections, for example through free, automatic insurance and income protection in case of sickness. It was amongst the first platforms to offer riders free insurance, covering riders for personal accident and third party liability insurance.

Building on this, last year Deliveroo signed a historic, first of its kind deal with the GMB union giving its self-employed riders the rights to collective bargaining on pay and consultation rights on benefits and other issues, including riders’ health, safety and wellbeing, through the union.

Work and Pensions Secretary Mel Stride said: “We’re investing billions as a government to get people into work and boost our economy, but we need businesses to step up too. That’s why it has been great to see how Deliveroo is spotlighting flexible opportunities out there for over-50s, and the benefits of work for all ages.”

Deliveroo rider Abdul Javaid said: “Riding with Deliveroo has given me the opportunity to earn and balance work around a very active family and personal life. It also helps me keep fit at the same time. I have a grandchild and valued family life, and the flexible work provided by Deliveroo has allowed me to work the hours that suit me as well as helps me to spend precious time with my family in an adaptable way.”

Camilla Kater, SVP of Rider & Care at Deliveroo, said: “Deliveroo provides a great option for everyone looking to work flexibly and we’re pleased that the Work and Pensions Secretary was able to hear the positive experiences of our fantastic riders today. We hope their stories, and our awareness campaign inspires others to re-enter the workforce in a way that supports and benefits them.”