Daddy Couture and Pride Month: More than just a fashion statement


June is LGBTQ+ Pride Month and it’s a time where brands big and small express solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community, reminding their customers they are a progressive business that welcomes everyone.

When mainstream brands which are recognized by billions worldwide acknowledge, accept and enthusiastically welcome LGBTQ+ customers, it reflects changing public attitudes towards non-traditional sexual orientations and identities.

Daddy Couture is a LGBTQ+ focused fashion brand that has enjoyed impressive growth since it’s relatively recent founding in May 2018. The brand brings into the public eye an element of gay culture that may not have been as well-known prior to recent social and political shifts on LGBTQ+ recognition and protection.

With a much more inclusive shift happening in society, Daddy Couture saw an opportunity to give people a chance to more openly express their sexuality through their clothing. While previously LGBTQ+ people might have feared ridicule or discrimination by openly wearing clothing that references their sexuality, they now feel more accepted by wider society.

Producing for Pride Month

In preparation for Pride Month, Daddy Couture has released a brand-new line of clothing products including shirts, sweaters, hoodies, caps and undies. Naturally, the brand has enjoyed an influx of interest during Pride Month that it has capitalised on in spades, giving them a big boost in public mindshare that will catapult their growth into the future.

Inclusivity = Success

The big lesson the story of Daddy Couture teaches is that – if you build it, they will come! By opening up a part of LGBTQ+ culture to a broader audience through fashion, the brand is able to attract a customer base that otherwise to products they didn’t even know they wanted.

It also allows Daddy Couture to enhance its legitimacy as a pro-LGBTQ+ company and earn the loyalty of customers who strongly identify with the brand. By adopting an inclusive philosophy and going with the tagline “anyone can be a daddy”, Daddy Couture has maximised the potential reach of its messaging and in turn its ability to generate revenue.

The brand’s popularity is clearly evident through their social media presence, having accrued more than 23,000 followers on Instagram in just over a year. They also have an advanced understanding of how to effectively market themselves on platforms like Facebook, ensuring they post at the ideal frequency that keeps their audience engaged without spamming their feeds.

Uncompromising vision

A big factor behind Daddy Couture’s success is their uncompromising vision behind how they run their brand and the kind of message they want to promote. They have never and will never compromise on their unique voice in order to pander to conventions.

The clothing is proudly provocative and really designed to be worn out. While the style definitely isn’t subdued, it’s subtle enough that you can blend into a crowd if you so choose.

Daddy Couture has built a meaningful and highly successful relationship with its niche audience, earning their loyalty and getting sincere excitement about new product launches. Customers have enthusiastically engaged with the brand’s calls to action inviting them to share social media posts proudly displaying their new threads and this obviously has a huge benefit in terms of word of mouth advertising.

In this way, Daddy Couture has made buying, wearing and promoting their clothing synonymous with expressing LGBTQ+ pride – a position other brands are undoubtedly envious of. Because of the brands track record, there is no doubt about their sincerity in encouraging customers to use their clothes as a way to proudly display their sexuality to the world.

Generous charity work

While huge strides have been made year after year in the fight for LGBTQ+ recognition and legal protection, Daddy Couture knows that many people out there still struggle with being openly gay and therefore is supportive of LGBTQ+ charities. This also has worked to position Daddy Couture as more than just a fashion statement; it’s an important part of promoting LGBTQ+ rights.

Celebrity endorsements

Working in concert with their clever social strategy, Daddy Couture has also engaged relevant influencers and celebrities to help further bridge the gap between their corporate voice and the everyday LGBTQ+ community. Gay-icons like Tiffany Pollard and Chris Crocker, who famously made the ‘Leave Britney Alone!” viral video, have all given their voice to help the brand.

With Pride Month in full swing, Daddy Couture is well-positioned to continue its amazing growth and bring their unique style to more people.