Create a marketing video for your business for free with VSDC

Videos have become one of the most powerful marketing tools, and those businesses not yet employing video content for promotion purposes might be losing an opportunity to establish a connection with a large audience segment.

Statistical data provided by WordStream shows that 87 per cent of marketers have successfully implemented videos in their strategies, meanwhile, video consumption is already estimated to be one-third of all online activities. That said, regardless of what type of business you own, in the year 2018, videos might be the most efficient way to establish communication with the audience.

One of the biggest objections business owners might have against using videos, is their potential cost and the lack of a clear way to calculate ROI. Yet, most marketing practitioners agree, due to the selection of smartphones capable of recording HD footage and the freeware capable of working with it, the cost of video production clearly shouldn’t be an obstacle.

When it comes to zero-budget post-production tools, a good example is free video editing software named VSDC.

VSDC is used to produce high-quality video content at a zero cost, and the team behind the project actively encourages beginning entrepreneurs to start practicing video production. Below are the tips for those planning to take advantage of the latest trend and start using marketing videos.

Prioritize footage quality over production tricks

As it has been mentioned, cutting-edge technology allows for producing high-quality video without having to invest in professional recording equipment. Smartphones and low-budget action cameras are capable of shooting in HD and even in 4K which is high enough resolution to use it for business purposes.

VSDC is known for being able to open all video formats, no matter which device it was recorded on, including footage in HD and 4K.

From the perspective of post-production, it is recommended to record in the highest quality for two reasons. First, after being published – especially on YouTube – video quality may be reduced based on the user settings and the Internet connection of the viewer. The second reason to keep video quality high when shooting is to eliminate the time that will otherwise have to be spent on enhancing the footage. Camera settings, stabilization, and decent lightning are the key factors influencing the final quality.

Make use of text and charts

Most business videos include the types of information that are better comprehended when visualized. It applies to numbers, chapters, names, statistic data, and dynamic analysis.

The best practice for including these elements in a video using VSDC is by means of the built-in text and charts editing tools. When adding a text object, one can change font, size, color, style, alignment, and position. To achieve a more authentic look, it is recommended to use contoured half-transparent text as illustrated below.

Consider applying Chroma Key when shooting a person

It is often hard to find a proper background, especially when shooting a person. Perhaps, one of the most useful features available in VSDC is Chroma Key, or a green screen removing tool.

To utilize it, one should record a video with a solid green screen in the background, upload it to VSDC Video Editor, and replace the background with a static image or another video using transparency settings.

Use pre-configured export settings before publishing on social media

Apart from the video quality, it’s crucial to have other video parameters – such as format, width, height, and length – customized based on where the video will be published. Not only does it define the technical side of how the video will look after being published, but it also affects user engagement. Most times, videos that are not optimized for the social media channels they are uploaded to, don’t appear to look authentically, and consequentially, have low engagement rate.

VSDC allows for choosing pre-configured export formats for Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, and Instagram. It also allows for uploading videos to YouTube directly from the program interface.


It’s hard to overestimate the potential of videos for modern marketing strategies, and what’s more important – they can be efficient at any stage of a customer journey. Now that you’ve been walked through some basic tips about video creation process, it’s time to turn the knowledge into practice.