Coolest office spaces in the UK

The company: Mind Candy

Industry: gaming

Why is this office space impressive?

Mind Candy have done extremely well with the space and have turned the whole office into a play den that includes just about every office toy imaginable. The staff there can even unwind with a quick game of Guitar Hero.

mind candy







The Company: Melbourne Server Hosting

Industry: IT

Location: Manchester

Why is this office space so impressive?

This family owned server-hosting it organisation views their employees to be their most vital asset, and have opted to create this quaint yet vibrant office space that really does go a long way to mirror the collection of personalities within the wider team.








Company: Red Bull

Location: Soho, London

Industry: Drinks

Why is this office space cool?

Designed by the renowned Jump Studios, this incredible office space is swimming in contemporary design and fun. Complete with a ping-pong meeting room and a giant slide instead of stairs, they have done extremely well this.

red bull 










Company: Virgin Money

Industry: Finance

Location: Edinburgh

Why is this office space cool?

Virgin Money’s Edinburgh headquarters received the accolade for ‘Best Recycled Workplace in Great Britain’. Oozing with creative flair, this space has been engineered to perfection, with sustainability in mind and without sparing any of the cool factor.











Company: Dryland Serviced London Offices

Location: Knightsbridge, London

Industry: Serviced offices

Why is this office space so cool?

Dryland Business Members Club is a chic and contemporary office space based in central London that transfigures the traditional serviced office model. It offers stylish huddle rooms, a full business screening room and even a tranquil library lounge. It also boasts a radical kaleidoscope boardroom for creative meetings and beautiful and leafy outdoor terrace that overlooks London’s Plush Knightsbridge.








Company: Nicholas Tye Architects

Location: Bedfordshire

Industry: Construction

Why is this office space cool?

This unbelievable space offers breath-taking views of beautiful surroundings, offering artistic inspiration that is second to none. The large open plan office looks out to picturesque woodland and meadows.








Company: Inferno

Location: Covent Garden

Industry: Advertising and media

Why is this office space cool?

As an innovative company, Inferno has offices unrivalled by any other advertising agency at the minute. They have really done well to seamlessly harmonise oak panelling more contemporary styles – it resembles an East African hunting lodge in the 1920s.