Businesses that make student life easier


Sites like[ilink url=””][/ilink]  have a plethora of information on the best bargains to be had as a student, and showcase offers from many high street retailers. Savings on clothes at places like Topshop – and we’re talking big, big savings – can be found, as well as two for one offers at chain restaurants and pubs and travel offers. You can also get offers on communications, netbooks and smartphones, which is always worth doing.

As a student you pretty much don’t have to pay full price for anything. Look at it as a bit of payback for having to fork out all that cash in fees and leave university with a big old debt to pay off.

Always ask about a student discount, wherever you’re shopping. As long as you have your NUS card you’ll find that many shops have discounts just for you privileged lot. Your student railcard will also get you a tonne of rail fares, and let’s face it, they’re pretty expensive these days, so there’s always money to be saved.

If you shop smart and use all the offers you can find on sites like, Groupon and Last Minute, then you’re well on your way to saving money left, right and centre. Which leaves a bit more left over when you want to treat yourself with a takeaway – somewhere like JustEat means you can order without even having to pick up the phone. Just jump online, choose what you want and it’ll be delivered to your door – doesn’t get much better than that.

Facebook and Twitter also come in extremely handy for organising your social life, meeting new people, finding out what’s going on both at your university and in the surrounding environs. Plenty of offers can be found on club’s and bar’s Facebook pages, for example, and it’s definitely worth keeping on top of social activities that way.

It’s especially good for newbies – being a fresher at a new university can be daunting in the extreme, particularly if you don’t know anyone before you go. Facebook is perfect to get to know some fellow freshers and people who will also be studying your course, meaning you can start your university career with confidence. It’ll also provide a way to find people who are into the same stuff you are. Looking for people to go dancing with – hope on Facebook and you’re sure to find some.

Looking for people to join your pub Quiz team? There’s no easier way – find out where your nearest pub quiz is, get some mates together and you’re away.

Speedquizzing is a new app that promises to make your pub quiz experience even better, and it’s designed with students in mind, as well as anyone else who is big into the pub quiz experience.  It’s a 21st century reboot of the traditional pub quiz format. This ht-tech approach to quizzing has removed all the shortcomings of the tired old pen and paper format. The slow pace, the clunky/inaccurate marking system and most importantly.. the ability to cheat, are all gone.

It is the quick-fire, speed incentivized game style of SpeedQuizzing assures that it is impossible to cheat as there is simple no time in which anyone can Google the answers. It’s taking off right now around the UK in various locations which you can look through on this page: so there’s bound to be a pub near you who uses it, and with opportunities to also Make money with SpeedQuizzing  easily as a student, it’s definitely worth checking out.