Reviewed: Exposure

Exposure is the real-life tale of Michael Woodford and how he rose through the ranks of giant Japanese firm, Olympus to become the first Western CEO. Only weeks into the role though, Woodford discovered the company’s fraudulent secrets. His attempts at investigation were blocked. Losing his job, facing a cover-up and possible threats to his life, Woodford fled the country. Then he did something Olympus did not expect. He fought back. Going on the offensive, Woodford exposed the crimes of the company, brought down those who silenced him – and became a hero. This book tells the dramatic tale.

The Times remarks “Brace yourself, for this is a rare tale of integrity and probity in business. Woodford tells his tale like a thriller, uncovering fraud piece by piece.”

The London Evening Standard commented that “Michael Woodford’s story has the hallmarks of a John Grisham novel. A brilliantly gripping book, with a great hero at its heart. His story is all the more frightening for being true.“

Mail on Sunday said the book was “Remarkable. Vivid, angry and straight from the heart.”

From high-flying private jets to the dark secrets of Japanese business culture, Exposure will have you gripped to your seat to unravel this dramatic tale.