Bookshelf: Management Truths: 100 ways to Whow! your organisation

Leadership and management specialist Clive Leake’s second book during his 20 year career offers SME managers and leaders the perfect way to improve themselves and their businesses.

More of a ‘coffee machine’ than a ‘coffee table’ book, you can pick it up in your rare moments of free time and give yourself a 60 second boost with its 100 observations and accompanying cartoons. Its author Clive Leake has drawn from more than 20 years experience in leadership and management development and has worked closely with thousands of professionals in a wide range of sectors and industries and somehow managed to pack the most important bits into a book that is fun and readable as well as useful.

Author Clive Leake explains: “I’ve worked with leaders across the globe for 20 years and have spent the last year compiling the best advice and translating it into a format that all managers and leaders can easily access – 100 sound bites of useful information, insights and advice.

“With humorous cartoons alongside each observation, the 200 page book is fun to read and the fact you can dip in and out of it when you feel like it makes it a practical option for the busy professional.

“You can use to it develop yourself and your team, add sparkle to your public speaking or presentations or even give it as a gift. It’s a flexible way to learn in a world where our attention spans are ever shorter and our ability to dedicate time to lengthy two day courses is no longer practical.”

Clive Leake is MD of Whow! Leadership and his new book ‘Management Truths: 100 ways to Whow! your organisation’ can be ordered from the website or via Amazon at a paperback cost of £13.99.