Best mobile signal booster


If like many people you struggle to obtain a decent mobile signal in your home, office, or commercial premises in the UK, a mobile signal booster is an effective solution.

When you or your colleagues need to take calls, check e-mail messages or browse social media, a poor connection can reduce or even completely eliminate productivity.

The best mobile signal booster for you will depend on a number of different factors, such as the type of property you wish to service, the number of people you intend to use the device, and your location. For example, if you are based in a very rural area of Ireland, you may be a number of miles from a nearby base station. In this case, you might require a more powerful antenna.

If you need to boost the signal inside a large office, it is likely you will need a more powerful amplifier, or multiple internal antennas. You will also need to consider the network(s) you need the mobile phone signal booster to function on, and your overall budget. Therefore, the best mobile signal booster for use in Ireland will depend on all these and similar factors.

But how does a mobile signal booster actually work? A typical device will function very much like an amplifier. An external antenna will pick up the signal from a local base station, then send this down a cable into an amplifier box, which enhances the signal. This is then rebroadcast indoors so that you gain crystal clear voice calls and fast 4G/3G data connectivity.

Investing in a mobile signal booster kit is the best way to solve your indoor signal problems because it deals with the most common reasons why you encounter a bad signal in the first place.

The most typical reason in towns and cities is the construction method and layout of a building. High-density, thick walling construction methods or the height of a building can prevent signals from passing indoors.

In a more isolated setting, the issue is often the distance from a nearby mobile tower, although environmental factors such as hills can also cause poor signal strength.

A mobile signal booster kit designed for the UK market is easy to install. In fact, the entire system can be set up within as little as 15 to 20 minutes. You do not need any major technical know-how either – just some basic DIY knowledge. In any case, full instructions are provided to make the task easier.

Prior to purchase, you will need to consider the size of property you wish to install the system in. If you intend on using a signal booster, also known as a mobile repeater, inside your house or apartment, you will likely need a kit that can cover an area of up to 250 sqm.

However, if you wish to boost the signal inside a larger commercial building, you may need to invest in a more powerful amplifier and antenna setup, which can cover an area up to 500 sqm and above.

In summary, the best mobile signal booster for the user will depend on your location, the size of your premises, the number of people you intend on using the device, and also the network(s) you wish to boost. Mobile phone booster kits are affordable, easy to install and almost guaranteed to improve your signal strength.

Additionally, since devices can be purchased that work with all major mobile networks in the UK, such as O2, Vodafone, Three Mobile, BT Mobile, and Tesco Mobile, they are readily accessible for both home and business users alike.