Benefits of securing your data using encryption


Securing data with encryption is a pain. The encryption part is easy because there is great software for that — for example, NordVPN’s recent launch, NordLocker.

However, managing encrypted software, sharing, updating, and making backups all add dozens of extra steps to the whole online security ordeal. And the more people you employ, the more complicated it becomes. And yet, it’s worth it.

It’s worth every penny and every minute you spend on it. Are you finding it hard to believe? Look at all the security breaches, leaks, and ransomware attacks that are costing billions to companies and individuals alike. That’s why every responsible business owner will use encryption software like NordLocker to protect their company’s data, clients, and their reputation.

Here’s how encryption can safeguard your business from today’s online threats.

Protect your business from fines

In less than two years, the EU has issued over 120 million euros in fines for various GDPR mishandlings. In other words, privacy is becoming too expensive to leave it unattended.

One of the ways to protect yourself is by encrypting all of your customers’ data using software like NordLocker. It stores data in user-friendly folders that are protected with the latest encryption algorithms. Encrypting customer data won’t solve every GDPR-related problem, but it would be a big step towards it.

Encryption protects your company’s reputation

Preventing data leaks is not just about fines. Even if you can take paying $5 or $10 million to cover fines and legal fees, a loss of reputation could be several times more costly. Would your company be able to recover?

Most companies couldn’t withstand even a minor reputation disaster. Which makes NordLocker infinitely more valuable than the $2 per month you pay for it.

Why personal privacy matters in every company

Companies are built by hard-working, dedicated people. Each with their own opinions that don’t always align with the company values. That’s why it’s not only customer data you should worry about, but yours, too. How? With encryption, of course.

Just check your download folder. It will be full of documents, single-use files, as well as private information like medical reports and receipts for online purchases. Teach yourself and your employees to move everything from the download folder to an encrypted folder. This 2-minute, end-of-the-day routine will make sure that no personal downloads go through the cracks.

Lastly, remember that privacy concerns are growing by the day. If your company is not yet subject to data privacy regulations, you can be sure that it will be pretty soon.

Holding your data in encrypted folders such as NordLocker’s lockers, gives you control over your data, protection from threats, and plenty of time to react to the changing local and global privacy laws.