Benefits of managed mail

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Though a majority of modern communications are emails and phone calls, we continue to send letters and packages for a variety of reasons.

A managed mail program is a distribution system for identifying and handling mail that can’t make it to the destination in one or two days. What are some of the benefits of managed mail?

What are the benefits of managed mail?

Managed mail can eliminate the secondary sorting of mail that won’t reach the destination on the first day. It simply gets sorted so that it can be sent to the destination plant. It will then be sent the next day to the recipient during non-rush hours. This lowers shipping costs without hurting processing time.

Managed mail systems generally include barcode scanners. Customers will know that the package is a day away from arrival, and they’ll know when the package has arrived.

Those who utilize managed mail systems will eliminate the need to set up mail rooms and mail sorting on the premises. This is invaluable when you’re the subject of letter writing campaigns or a flood of mass marketing material. You’ll also save money on labor costs, since you won’t end up sending valuable personnel to deal with the influx of mail.

Managed mail can also improve the security of your operations. When all the mail goes to the third party site, it could be checked before being forwarded on. Letters without return addresses or suspicious wrapping can be discarded. You also don’t get people dressed as couriers wandering the halls looking for key personnel or taking pictures of the premises.

If you are receiving and sending a large number of letters, such as when you’re working in a subscription business, you don’t have to pay for a franking machine and maintenance of mail sorting equipment. If you’re shipping product, the supplies are handled by someone else.

Managed mail services can take advantage of volume discounts, lowering the cost you ultimately pay for deliveries. Or they can combine first, second and economy class letters for a destination, lowering the shipping costs. They’ll be able to hire a bike courier for multiple stops, making the average cost of your deliveries that much more affordable.

Utilizing managed mail services can simplify your business accounting. The service becomes a set line item in the budget. They can bill cost centers and departments for the amount of work it takes to support them. You can determine who is relying on the service most heavily and take steps to curtail it. However, you get a much more accurate picture of how much it costs to process paperwork and letters than when the work is divided among many employees. You don’t have to pay overtime or benefits for these people, either.

Managed mail services can improve the security of your correspondence, as well. Send the letters to the mail service, and they can hand deliver it to the recipient. It can’t be intercepted and read by the press or nosy neighbors. This is invaluable when you’re sending confidential documents like legal and financial paperwork.