Bedroom based entrepreneurs hits record levels

There has been an increase of 34 per cent of businesses being set up in their founders spare time in the last 12 months, and all of them revealed they did so because starting a business today is easier, saying that costs are lower thanks to being able to start up online.

Whilst over half say that the main location for these new businesses is their bedroom 23 per cent are cooking up their enterprise in the kitchen and just under 10 per cent cite their garden shed as their business base.

The data from the survey conducted by also showed a 64 per cent rise in earnings from businesses in March and April of 2013, compared with the same period of 2012. figures also reveal another rising trend that more than a third of those registering will set up their own business and start employing other people to work for them.

According to Matt Barrie, CEO of, it has never been a better time to start up on your own. “The numbers of people staring their own small businesses is increasing because of technological advances that reduce set up costs.”