7 ways to make your commute more productive


For many people, the commute into work can seem like a huge waste of time and not to mention monotonous and mundane – yet there are so many ways you can make this time productive and start your day off right.

Most people utilize their commute time to work on side projects, catch up on work emails, or to listen to interesting and engaging podcasts – whatever you do, why not take this time to really work on what you love. Here, the experts at Datadial have listed 7 ways you can make your commute more productive.

Work on a side hustle

Everyone has that side hustle; a side project or passion that takes us away from our normal day-job and allows us be creative and passionate about something completely different. If you have a passion or project that you want to work on but find you don’t have the time in-between your job and social life, then your commute is a fantastic time to get started on this.

Listen to podcasts

Podcasts have become hugely popular recently and with so many available to choose from, you are guaranteed to never be bored on your commute again. Whether it’s educational, cultural or interview based, listening to something you enjoy can spark creativity and get you mentally prepared for the day.

Write a blog

Most people have a blog nowadays, and why not! It’s a great way to get your thoughts and passions down in a place that’s your own and can sometimes be quite profitable. Many bloggers who have been writing for some time capitalize on their content if its engaging to their audience, so not only is your commute a great time to get some quality writing done, it might also mean a few extra bob in your pocket.

Catch up on emails

Yes this one is work related – however if you have quite a full on job which is quite time-consuming, sometimes using your morning commute to go through emails, or to prep for meetings can mean you arrive to work feeling much more prepared and ahead of schedule, which means no mad email replying before you’ve even had time to have a coffee – result!

Read a good book

Sometimes all you need on your commute to pass the time and also be productive in a sense is to get your nose stuck in a good book. Whether it’s a novel or work-related, this will awaken your mind and take you away from the surroundings of your commute, ensuring you arrive into work much more calm and composed.

Catch up with a friend or family member

If you have a busy work and social life, chances are you won’t have much time left in the day to catchup with old friends or family members, the commute is a great time to call and see how they are, chances are they will also be on their way to work so should also be free to talk. Sometimes a good chat with a loved one can put you in a really great mood and get you ready to face the day.

Recharge and revitalise

If you suffer from stress and anxiety on your way to work, a great thing to do is to get into meditating apps which can really soothe and relax you. Headspace is a great app to calm the mind and make you more productive for the day. Or you could listen to some of your favourite music and take yourself away from the stress of the tube which can add to the anxiety.