Lower business call costs in 2016

reduce telephone call costs

Most organisations and companies have parts of their business located overseas, be it a manufacturing plant or an IT department they outsource to. It is vital to communicate regularly with these people to ensure everything operates smoothly. Nevertheless, this is something that can cost a fortune, especially if you rely on your standard business phone system.

With call charges seemingly rising by the day, especially when calling abroad, you need to look for another solution – this is where a call app comes in. This will make it a lot cheaper and easier to stay in touch with your departments and do your job properly as well. It can also result in more opportunities for your business too, as you will be able to communicate with potential new clients with ease.

The challenges businesses face when calling overseas

But, before we delve into the benefits that are associated with cheap call apps, let’s take a look at the challenges business owners face when it comes to call costs and managing them:

Costs are difficult to manage

One of the biggest problems businesses face is the fact that call costs are difficult to manage when using traditional business phone systems. It is not until the bill comes in that you can see the true damage that has been done, and by this point it is too late.


The bigger the business is, the bigger the problems become

With so many departments to manage, in various locations, it becomes hard to stay on top of call charges. You don’t want to ban calls altogether; after all, they are a necessity if your business is to operate smoothly. But, how do you make sure that your employees are using the phones wisely and ringing up only when required?


A lack of alternatives

A lot of businesses stick with using their standard phone system because they don’t know where to turn. They know that their phone system is reliable and of a high quality, and thus they are scared of doing things differently. Some people have tried calling over social media apps on the web, only to discover that the quality is atrocious. However, as you will soon discover, there is an alternative, and a very good one at that.

We are, of course, referring to a call app. This is something that will answer all of your problems. Call apps provide much cheaper rates for overseas phone calls, and thus you will immediately see a reduction in your expenditure. Aside from this, a call app is a lot easier to manage too, as you top up the app prior to making the call. This will also make your employees more responsible when it comes to making a phone call, as they won’t want to risk going over the allotted amount.

Finally, in addition to the points that have already been mentioned, a cheap call app is going to make your workforce much more mobile. You will be able to remain connected no matter where you are, and this is definitely the case when you choose a high-quality app such as FooCall. FooCall is one of the leading cheap call apps. Their app can be downloaded from iTunes or Google Play, and it has an outstanding reputation. You even get to have your first call for free so you can see how good the service is for yourself before you add any funds to your account.