How headsets can make your business more efficient

Employees will find this very frustrating, even if telephone work is a large part of the job, because they are unable to move freely about the office, interacting with other employees in the environment, and utilising the equipment, such as printers, fax machines and photocopiers.

Implementing a good quality headset into an employee’s work equipment can provide a business many benefits, including improving productivity and increasing the overall efficiency of the employee using the headset.

Every business is focussed on maximising productivity, because as we all know productivity is directly related to profit, and this is the main goal of course for every business. Increasing the productivity in an office means that employees are able to accomplish more in a typical working day, which in turn allows revenues to increase, while man hours and cost expenditures remain the same.

Providing employees with a quality headset for anyone who spends 10% of their time or more on the telephone is an easy and cost effective means in which to help such employee improve their productivity by as much as 25 per cent.

The use of a headset encourages and promotes efficiency from employees as it enables mobility, so employees are able to move around the office completing various tasks, provides the ability to multitask as hands are free to use the computer, rifle through files or do administrative work throughout the duration of the phone call.

The health and physical benefits that come from using a headset also contribute to making employees more efficient in their jobs, because when people are feeling their best they are able to work at their full potential.

Benefits To The User
Employees who spend much of their day on the telephone, will, over extended periods of time, start to experience many minor physical issues and experience great discomfort from the repetitive behaviours of using a telephone receiver constantly.

When a lot of time is spent on the phones without using a headset employees are more likely to suffer from pain and discomfort due to their posture being compromised, neck issues from always being bent to the side, and shoulder concerns because employees will often prop the phone’s receiver on their shoulder so they can have their hands available to work on the computer or write.

Using a headset will spare employees the negative effects mentioned above, allowing them to work freely with both hands, multitasking while actively participating in the telephone conversation, and allowing the employee to maximise their productivity.

Improved Communications
Businesses, employees and clients will all benefit from headsets being implemented into the phone systems because communications are greatly improved with the superior quality of headsets. Headsets reduce the noise of the environment, essentially eliminating background noise, and making the voices at both ends of the conversation clearer.

Headsets also offer employees convenience and comfort, thanks to the wide range of styles available at companies such as Midshire, including over the head, over the ear, multiple speakers and customisable configurations that make them easily adjusted to suit anybody, allowing users to perform better all day long.

Bluetooth technology allows headset wearers to move freely about the office, so they are able to leave their desk while on a call or able to receive incoming calls while in other parts of the building.

When Headsets are Most Beneficial
There are many business settings that will benefit considerably from using headsets, including a busy environment where many people use phones and the noise cancelling characteristics are essential, when the employee needs to spend a large percentage of their work day on the phone, when multitasking is required such as note taking or using a computer or when the employee needs to have mobility.

Image: Headset by Shutterstock