5 of the best coworking spaces in London

Co-working is a revolutionary, new way of doing business. It doesn’t just work for freelancers, but it can also be of huge benefit to entrepreneurs, startups and small teams. Co-working allows different businesses the opportunity of working together under one roof, in a shared office environment.

Co-working has only been on the scene for the last few years and it has already seen a surge in popularity. Commonly practiced in the USA, London has become the new co-working hotspot and here, we list the 5 best hotspotting locations in England’s capital.

Rockstar Hubs

rockstar-hubs2Supported by the Mayor of London, Rockstar Hubs is the most recent business from the UK’s number one mentoring and investment company, Rockstar Mentoring group. The group is of huge benefit to entrepreneurs across the UK so it’s no wonder that it’s number one in our list.

The main benefit of choosing Rockstar Hubs over the other coworking spaces is that businesses that work from the hub, are provided with in house mentors, after all this is what the Rockstar Group are famous for. Some of the UK’s most admired entrepreneurs act as their business mentors, helping entrepreneurs in the hub grow faster across all sectos. Another benefit is that Rockstar Hubs invests directly in businesses, which no other co-working space currently offers.

Managing Director of Rockstar Hubs Jonathan Pfahl was recently interviewed by Derin Cag, Founder and CEO of RichTopia. In this interview Pfahl told Derin that Rockstar Hubs has been the natural follow on from the Rockstar Mentoring Group. He explained that with so many new businesses and startups based in London there is a need for more working space. As a result of this need, Rockstar Hubs opened a big space in the city where businesses can pay to be there full time, part time, or apply for investment. As an added bonus, members gain access to either 3 or 6 hours of mentoring a month.


wework-moorgateIn at number two is WeWork. Originally a coworking enterprise based in the USA, WeWork has opened its newest premises in the city.

The main benefit of WeWork is that as a member you will receive access to a range of benefits. In fact, WeWork offer over 150 perks and benefits from their ever growing list of partners to help your business grow and succeed. Some of the perks include free fruit, high speed internet and beer on tap. We bet you’re sold now? They also offer weekly events to help you and your business develop.

Central Working

central-workingAt number three we have chosen Central Working. With four prime London locations, what Central Working can offer businesses can be said in four words; flexibility, connections, clarity and environment.

With Central Working you are not tied in to any lease, allowing your business to have complete flexibility. The team at Central Working also have a pretty clear vision, they want you to be efficient and effective, helping your business seize all the available opportunities. You also make hundreds of new connections, this is probably the biggest benefit for us, they have a dedicated member of staff that will point you in the direction of anyone that you need. Finally, the environments allow you to work privately or with other people, ensuring you get the most of your time at Central Working and more importantly, ensuring you get things done.

Google Campus

google-campus-londonProbably the most famous coworking space of all is in at number four, Google Campus. With a number of different floors and a full events calendar, Google Campus is great for those early tech startups, investors and entrepreneurs.

The campus is split into different floors, the basement works on a first come first serve basis and is open to members, on the ground floor is the main event room where their industry leading events take place and the first and second floor is dedicated to TechHub and is often used by tech startups. The third floor is a smaller events room and the fourth floor is used by Seedcamp and UP. As you can tell, there is a lot going on at Google Campus which makes it a great working environment.

Level 39

level39Finally, in fifth position we have Level 39, described as Europe’s largest technology accelerator for finance, retail, cyber-security and future cities technology companies. With a number of different membership options to suit your businesses needs, it’s no wonder that Level 39 are currently closed to new members.

Level 39 was started by Eric Van Der Kleij in Canary Wharf, members work in the same room as experienced entrepreneurs, industry experts and technology investors to help accelerate their growth. Even though the company is fairly new, the company has already gained the support of Boris Johnson and is considered an important part of tech city. To date, the company have hosted more than 200 events. Cookies are also served every day at 3pm and the venue has some of the best views, so what’s not to love?