First impressions count when it comes to interviews


Meeting a new employer or a big boss can be one of the most nerve-racking experiences in your working life, especially when everything from your shower in the morning to your greeting handshake is being judged. These few simply tips and tricks will make sure any future employer remembers your name.

1. Image is everything 

To nail your interview, you need to nail your morning routine. A future employer will start judging you from the moment they see you, so scrub up and dress sharp. There’s no room for shortcuts. Have a nice long shower and make sure you shave. Branson gets away with the goatee but he’s a multi-billionaire so he’s allowed to. You can start to grow your stubble once you’re established. You need to look the part, also. That ‘lucky’ suit you’ve had for the last 5 years might not cut it this time. A well tailored suit is a necessity. Splashing out on a good quality suit just for an interview may seem a little outlandish, but you’ll get your money’s worth when you’re wearing it everyday after smashing the interview.

2. Be early 

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. If your interview is in a place you’ve never even heard of, then don’t leave it till that day to find your way. Go and visit it a couple of times and become familiar with the route, the last thing you want is to get lost and then be late. One of the key skills that any employer is looking for is good organisation and good time management skills, so don’t show them you’re incapable on day one.

3. Know how to introduce yourself 

This may be one of the smallest parts of the whole interview, but it is equally as important. Your first impression starts from this moment. Stand up and greet them with a welcoming handshake. Don’t be afraid, it’s what they’re looking for. Manners are also pivotal. To begin with, address them as ‘Sir’ or ‘Ms,’ and be polite. Thank them for agreeing to see you and say it is nice to meet them. This process is all about showing yourself in the best light, so be respectful and courteous and you’ll be off to a flyer.

4. Know how to communicate 

Leave your nerves at the door and be confident. Your employer wants to see that you are capable of doing the job, so carrying a big bag of nerves in with you isn’t going to help you show that. Good communication skills is what is ultimately going to get you your job. Make eye contact, smile and be attentive. Speak clearly and adopt a normal pace. It’s all too tempting to speed up when your nerves start to kick in. Just relax and ease yourself into the interview. After all, your new boss is on your side, if they weren’t already interested in hiring you then you wouldn’t be there, so keep calm and go after that job.

Charlie Atkinson