Deborah Meaden’s top tips for corporate fundraising

deborah meaden

Businesswoman, entrepreneur and Dragons’ Den investor, Deborah Meaden, knows all about creating a successful business. As a supporter of BBC Children in Need and the Lloyds Banking Group Challenge 100 corporate fundraising initiative, Deborah also has some handy tips for charity fundraising.

“The Challenge 100 initiative is a fantastic way for Lloyds Banking Group colleagues to use their entrepreneurial skills to raise funds for BBC Children in Need. Teams across the UK are combining skills and expertise as well as tapping into their networks to turn £100 into as much money as possible. I was hugely impressed that the teams raised £236,900 last year and look forward to seeing their efforts over the coming months.”

“Many people don’t realise just how entrepreneurial they are until they attempt to raise money for a cause that’s important to them. Here are my top ten tips for companies wanting to fundraise for BBC Children in Need.”

Brainstorm creative ideas

Give everyone the chance to contribute to ideas but manage the selection process well to ensure support and buy-in internally.

Create a solid fundraising idea(s)

Come up with fundraising ideas that are new or different that play to your strengths as a company. Make sure that lots of people can get involved.

Mix up the teams

Ensure people from all parts of the company can get involved and use it as a great internal networking opportunity.

Leverage the skills of the people in your team

Ensure that you have the right people in the right roles to help maximise fundraising.

Promote what you are doing

Make sure you tell people about your fundraising plans and how they can support you.

Tap into your contacts

Encourage your staff to tell their family, friends and neighbours. Don’t forget to involve your customers as well.

Keep track of any costs incurred

Will the return you make from funds raised justify the cost of the fundraising activity to you?

Sell sell sell

If you’re looking for sponsorship, treat it as a sales pitch. Let people know the benefits of them supporting you.

Have a positive ‘can do’ attitude

People like helping positive people.

Have fun

Enjoy what you’re doing and think of how much of a difference you’ll make to BBC Children in Need with your fundraising.