Can your look really affect the success of your business?

looking smart

It’s likely that you’ve heard the phrase ‘looks aren’t everything’ and while this is undoubtedly true, the value of your look when it comes to business could be more than you think.

While a crisp suit isn’t going guarantee your business success, taking care of how you look does have the potential to encourage people to put more trust in your brand. Whether you do opt for that crisp suit, a brand new style altogether or you’re looking for a hair transplant in Turkey, changing up your look has the potential to change your confidence if nothing else – but can it have an effect on the success of your business? A hair transplant in Turkey is more affordable than in other countries and could easily be a worthwile investment.

Appearance Is Everything (Maybe!)

Let’s get something out of the way from the get go: How you look is not going to affect how competent you are at your job. Your skill set, your personality and your specialisms will remain the same whether you turn up to work in a suit, or in your pyjamas. The issue with looks in business, however, is that other people will look at you differently. It’s an unfortunate fact of being human that we tend to judge people by how they look and when it comes to networking or interacting with customers, ensuring that we look and feel confident and presentable can make all the difference to how we’re perceived.

Clothing plays the biggest part in this, but focusing on your overall look from your hairstyle, to make up choices can also make a difference. If you look like you take good care of yourself, it could increase the chances of people perceiving you as someone competent in their job or suitable for a role.

What Should You Focus On?

With that in mind, we aren’t expecting you to go out and change your look completely. For some, their look is their brand and we understand that. However, there are a few things you can do to ‘tidy things up’ and we’ve got just a few for you below:

  • Don’t Wear Dirty Clothes

Okay, so this one might seem a little on the obvious side but you’d be surprised how many people will opt for wearing something one too many times before washing it. Not only could this risk unpleasant smells or stains that leave your peers curling up their nose, but having freshly cleaned clothes will give you a better sense of confidence which will definitely show!

  • Iron!

Running an iron over your clothes might seem like a hassle when you’re getting ready, but a quick iron can be the difference between looking scruffy and unkempt, and smart and well put-together. You’ll naturally reach for the iron with a shirt or suit trousers, so why not t-shirts or skirts? A simple iron can add a neater look to absolutely any outfit.

  • Wear Clothes That Fit

‘But all of my clothes fit’ you might be saying and to an extent that is true, but we mean tailored fit. A dress that hangs loosely or a shirt that’s just slightly too big could have you looking frumpy or uncomfortable, while a bit of tailoring can not only make your choice of clothing look way more flattering, it can also add to that polished look you’ve been reaching for. Clothing that is too tight or too loose is best avoided, especially where meetings with clients or potential partners are concerned.

Looks aren’t everything, but neatening yourself up can not only give your customers and other businesses a good first impression of you, but could also improve your confidence overall. All-in-all, your businesses success doesn’t necessarily rest on the suit you wear, but a little bit of extra effort could certainly make the process a little easier when it comes to networking and customer interaction. Good luck!