5 unmotivating thoughts you need to scrap 


Ploughing through work, struggling to be productive and feeling like the day isn’t going to end. Sound familiar?

Everyone goes through a stage of feeling unmotivated and it can become quite a drag when you have a whole day of work to commit to. Research has found that engaged employees are 43 per cent more productive, so that chance to gain some motivation will definitely pay off.  

A positive mindset is key, but with such unmotivating thoughts in your head, it’s often hard to reach. Here are five common thoughts you need to scrap in order to get on task, get motivated and feel all-round happier:

“I’ll do it tomorrow” 

Let’s be honest – you won’t. The work you have to complete the following day isn’t going to lessen if you continue to add things to ‘tomorrow’. Getting work done today will not only leave you feeling productive, but it will save you time the next day and the relief will reassure you that you’ve made the right decision.  

“I don’t have time” 

There’s only one reason you won’t have time for something and that’s because you haven’t made time. Create a schedule, plan your day and allocate tasks a specific amount of time to ensure your to-do list is completed. If things don’t go as planned, don’t stress, but if there is a plan in place it’s more likely to happen than not.  

Using up ‘wasted time’ is also a great way to fit extra work in, like on your commute. There’s nothing to say you can’t check a few emails or read up on some information during your time on the train – which may make the journey a little less burdening! Or even at lunch, if you’re eating in the office, why not grab your earphones and watch a video on research you’re working on?  

“I don’t want to” 

Life is not plain-sailing by all means. Unfortunately, everyone has to do things they don’t wish to do and you are no exception. At the end of the day, once you’ve done it, you will feel a lot better. It’s so easy to push something aside that you don’t want to do but this will only be pushed aside for another day and you’ll find yourself back to excuse number one – “I’ll do it tomorrow”. You will eventually have to face it – so why not get it over with and do it now?

“I can’t do it” 

“There’s no such thing as ‘can’t'” my dad would say – and to be honest, it’s true.  

There is always a way to get around things, you just have to put your mind to it. Do you think every successful entrepreneur would be where they are today if they constantly doubted themselves?  

Less of the ‘can’t’ and more of the ‘can’ and you will definitely see what difference a positive and confident mindset will make.  

“I think I need help” 

If you need help then you need to do something about it to abolish that thought. Whether it’s your employer or colleague, seek advice from the appropriate person to get the support you feel you need. 

If you constantly feel in need of help, your motivation will decrease as a result of feeling you cannot do something without assistance. This consequent lack of confidence will lessen your productivity and leave you struggling to pick up speed on your work – so talk to someone.  

Always remember, a positive mindset will lead to positive outcomes and so, by trying to ditch any negative thoughts, you will be on the right track to becoming a successfully motivated individual in no time!