5 team building ideas for your UK business

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If you own or run a business in the UK, you might be thinking about how to either reward or motivate your employees.

Team building exercises don’t have to be boring, and can actually be a great way to both reward employees but also help them grow together and improve relations. In this article, we’re going to look at five ideas that could be great for your business for a wide variety of reasons. often, they’ll bring more benefit to your business than they actually cost you—so they should be more than worthwhile. But what are the best team building ideas for your small business?

horse race

A day at the races

This might seem a bit less than ordinary, but horseracing events are a great way for your team to bond, learn about finances and risk as well as enjoy themselves, Maybe you want to check out some of the best Grand National 2020 betting options or you have a racetrack a bit closer to your premises you can visit. While not everyone on your team might like horse racing, or indeed gambling, if you’ve got the right employees this option can really work.

You could try giving each staff member a paper budget, or let them gamble with real money. Hopefully, they can learn a bit about gambling and risk strategies that could translate to your business. Not only that, they might also simply have a great day out together.


Orienteering is another great team-building option because it gets people working together and trying to find a practical solution. It’s a great way to help improve communication skills and also get people outside and feeling good. Orienteering is perhaps more wholesome than visiting a racecourse, and it could also be more affordable and practical for your business.

Charity fundraising

If you can get your team working together trying to set up a charity event, they should start enjoying themselves and bonding together. Not only that, but you’ll also be giving something back to a charity that you’ve chosen—hopefully, someone that really needs the help. This could even be good for your business as a marketing option, as people will find out more about the good you’re doing for the community. However, that shouldn’t be the only reason you pick this option.


While not all your employees will like water sports like this, the ones that do will love kayaking. There should be loads of kayaking options near you as they are actually all over the UK. It’s a great way to get outdoors and start bonding as a team while having a great time while doing so.

paint balling


This one is a tried and tested team-building exercise for good reason. It’s really fun, and really great for building a team together. There should be some affordable paintball options near you, and many of these will offer introductory deals to get you through the doors.

Hopefully, one of these team-building ideas will be right for your business.