5 reasons to move your payroll to the cloud

Cloud Payroll

The benefits of the cloud are well documented. Accessible anywhere, a more flexible and streamlined service, no hardware to maintain, no manual backups to keep on top of and no more paper-based processes, are just some of the most obvious.

Silver Cloud HR, a leading UK based HR and payroll technology consultancy, share their top five reasons to move your payroll to the cloud now, if you haven’t already:

Accessible anywhere

Before the cloud, payroll software would been run on-premise via computer programs with data stored on a hard drive. Cloud-based software in contrast, can be accessed from any location with an internet connection, and does not rely on the user sitting in front of a stationary PC or laptop in an office

In the cloud, software is run online via a browser or app, with data stored securely on a remote server. This remote functionality means that it’s not only payroll managers who can access the software remotely, but accountants and employees too. There’s no need to download data and email or post it across.

Speaking of data, the additional advantage of this ‘anytime, anywhere’ accessibility is that reports and data can be accessed in real time too!

More flexible and streamlined

Not only does cloud-based payroll software enable payroll managers to embrace the flexible-working culture enjoyed by many other sectors today, it can considerably streamline the whole process.

No more backwards and forwards between the payroll operator and the finance department, HR department, HMRC, workers, managers, pension providers and banks. Cloud payroll’s accessibility and ability to interact in real time with a number of other parties will ensure smoother workflows and communications.

No hardware to maintain

With no hardware to maintain, software upgrades to manage, and no manual backups to keep on top of, cloud payroll users can not only remain focused on the job at hand, but have additional peace of mind when it comes to business continuity. Whether you opt for a managed service payroll solution or purchase cloud payroll software directly, you will find that services such as upgrades and maintenance are included within your service package costs.

No paper-based processes

It’s no secret that paper = poor when it comes to data security and compliance. Outside of that, every payroll professional knows the pain of paperwork – yet with cloud payroll it simply isn’t needed. All payroll processes are completed digitally in the cloud, including new starter processes, payslips, tax calculations, leave and absence recording and more.

Self service

Traditionally, employees have little to no engagement with their payroll, simply waiting until the end of the month to check their salary, tax codes and holiday amounts are correct. The workforce is reliant upon payroll to ensure that their pay is accurate, and if any errors occur, the potentially arduous and stressful process of putting it right then begins.

The ability for employees to self-service and submit their own details, check their own payslips and raise any issues, not only cuts down on the amount of admin undertaken by payroll staff but also empowers and engages staff.

Moving to the cloud is the first step towards opening the doors of opportunity when it comes to innovative new payroll processes including real time payslips and pay-on-demand: two exciting developments which are set to revolutionise the way we pay our staff and look after their financial wellbeing.

Photo by Bench Accounting on Unsplash