5 great ways to check the employee’s productivity in an interview


Choosing the right employee for your organization is a challenging task. Of course, you want an employee who proves to be beneficial for you.

In the costly process of the hiring, no one wants to take the risk. However, selecting a competent employee pays you back in terms of productivity and greater returns. Obviously, human resources are a big asset to your company.

The success of any business completely depends on the employees and their performance. If your business is to provide essay writing services then you should have the writers that provide the best dissertation writing service to customers. Hard working employees work together to achieve the company’s mission. They make great teams and positive environment in the office. Watching your organization makes you happy and realizes that you have made the perfect decision in hiring your workers.

The question is how to select a competent employee? We have many processes suggested by the standards to follow in order to get a right employee. However, some extra care or tips should be taken into consideration, in order to see the employees’ productivity while interviewing them. Some of the ways are mentioned below;

1.    Design The Accurate Job Description

Even before hiring, the foremost step is to analysis the job precisely and designs the job description accordingly and accurately. If your job description is vague and unclear then it will be difficult for you to find the right talent. For example, you design the job description requiring MBAs’, you need a finance officer and people who are applying are marketing specialists, then their productivity is zero for you.

2.    Make A Checklist Of The Questions You Will Ask

It is always better to be prepared before starting the interview. When you are clear in your mind about the questions you can focus more on the other aspects of the employees. Try to include some questions that will reveal the employee’s productivity. For example, give the employee a test or any situation on the spot to check his/her capabilities.

3.    See For The Experience

Experienced workers can be more productive than the inexperienced ones. If they have sufficient experience then give them cases and ask for the solution. Their answers would be enough for you to see the worth of the employee. However, sometimes the contrary happens, fresh candidates are more knowledgeable and competent then the others if you test them.

4.    Ask For References And Check The Background

If you considering an experienced candidate for the job then the most important point to see is to ask for the references. Well obviously, if he/she is an experienced one then they must have references. Having some references is just as a proof of the candidates’ validity and type of work they did in the past. The next important task is to check for the effective background. It is important in the aspect that it verifies the skills, credentials and the credit history mentioned by the candidate.

5.    Allow The Candidates To Ask Questions

Most interviewers are afraid to let the candidate allow asking questions. However, it is actually a plus point. When the candidates ask questions, a smart interviewer gets a key to see what it is in the mind of the candidate. The words uttered by the candidates speak of their personality and the way they think. So, in order to hire the right person, they should be allowed to ask questions.

By following the above mentioned tips and improving the hiring process it is quite easy to tell whether the employee is going to be beneficial for us or not.