4 Personality Traits All Entrepreneurs Must Have

Within every entrepreneur’s personality there exist four distinct dimensions that drive and fuel the creation and vision of enterprise: The Dreamer, The Thinker, The Storyteller, and The Leader. No doubt some of these aspects are more developed in you than others—for we each have our own strengths—but in order to successfully launch your own company, all four characteristics must be present. Those that are lacking must be developed if you are to succeed.

The Dreamer
The Dreamer is the least understood out of the four dimensions. Many think dreaming is the same as daydreaming, because of course every entrepreneur has a dream. But The Dreamer must have a much larger vision in place.

The dream has purpose, that same purpose that lives within the entrepreneur’s heart. It’s not as simple as the desire to live elsewhere or to have a bigger house and to make more money, but The Dreamer stands on the mountaintop of imagination and creates dreams where there are none at all.

The Thinker
The Thinker is The Dreamer’s most important companion. The Dreamer represents the “what” and The Thinker represents the methodical “how.” He compliments The Dreamer by knowing the special role he plays in the manifestation of The Dreamer’s vision. He is the one who asks the questions essential to formulate the business plan.

The Storyteller
The Storyteller invokes excitement in others when conveying the dream. He knows that without encouragement and excitement no dream has a chance to become reality. He begins to “speak” the dream or to “sing” the song. The Storyteller in essence represents life and is where The Dreamer and The Thinker find voice.

The Leader
The Leader is someone who assumes the responsibility to move the dream forward. He takes the pieces of the puzzle—that of The Dreamer, Thinker and Storyteller—and puts them together. The execution of the dream rests on his shoulders.

He sees where the dream is going, how it’s going to get there, when it’s going to get there and what it will look like when all is said and done. The Leader realises that the big picture is a product of all the small things done very, very well.

So, ask yourself: have I nurtured these four characteristics within my own personality? Are all four developed and functional, or is one or more lacking? If you feel stuck in your business, it may be because The Dreamer, Thinker, Storyteller or Leader is asleep at the wheel. All must be present. All must be working. As they work, so does your business.