Inform Direct reaches milestone 175% funding on SyndicateRoom

The company, which set out to raise £300,000 on the platform, managed to attract notable angels, high-net-worth individuals, and sophisticated investors, who helped the company achieve a remarkable £450,000 in total funding in less than two weeks.

With an average investment level of over £10,000 this achievement has broken more than just the record for fastest deal close on SyndicateRoom.

“Everyone was happy with what we had achieved so recently with the quick closure of Captive Media that we were not expecting to break any of those records so soon but Inform Direct have gone and done just that” says Goncalo de Vasconcelos, CEO of SyndicateRoom.  “It just goes to show how well a sensible business plan backed by a strong and experienced team goes down with our pool of sophisticated investors” he adds.

Led by Henry Catchpole, who built Suffolk Life Group from an 8 employee team with £3 million in assets under management to a 200 person team with £3.5 Billion under management, Inform Direct had multiple options for securing the funding needed to accelerate their already revenue generating business.  “We liked the concept of crowdfunding and knew we could easily accommodate a large number of new shareholders having a streamlined facility in Inform Direct for importing their details and producing share certificates.  Indeed, this service is starting to be very well received.  We were attracted to Syndicate Room since they offered ready access to a good number of sophisticated investors who would actively champion us along the way”.

Inform Direct is the second big close for SyndicateRoom in the past month, the first being Captive Media, well-known for attracting numerous angel investors after being turned down by Dragons’ Den.  Inform Direct will use the additional funds to accelerate their growth through marketing and product development.

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