Disruptive online recruitment company Hiring Hub records triple-digit growth

The multiple award-winning website’s swelling client base includes local firms UK Fast, Bruntwood and TBWA Manchester, as well as national brands including Dyson, Innocent Drinks, Giraffe Restaurants and Wonga.

The business, led by founders Simon Swan and Sara Jones recently secured private equity investment in excess of £500,000 and is ahead of its target to turnover £1.4m this year, increasing to £4.7m in 2014 and £10m before the end of 2015.

The website boasts over 600 employer users accessing 1000 approved recruitment agencies across all sectors, nationwide.

Co-founder Swan  said: “Business has been brisk as more and more companies become familiar with our online marketplace model, which takes all the pain and hassle from recruiting. It allows our users to access a network of 1000 specialist recruitment agencies via one single point of contact. Employers get their jobs filled three times faster for a fee they set themselves, while recruitment agencies generate fees they would not ordinarily have had.”

“We believe recruitment is broken, and we’re on a mission to put trust and transparency back into the industry,” continued Swan. “Hiring-Hub.com address all the pains associated with recruiting via agencies, but it’s the level of customer service and advice we provide that keeps clients coming back and is the real value in our proposition.”

Andy Papps, Commercial Director at leading workplace management company Amaryllis recently filled three vacancies via the website and said: “Hiring-Hub.com works, and quickly. Plus it takes away the very un-British process of haggling over fees, and it cuts cold calls. It’s fantastic.”

Hiring-Hub.com lets employers upload their vacancy and state how much they are willing to pay a recruitment agency. The vacancy is broadcast anonymously to their network of recruitment agencies, who request to work on it if they have suitable candidates. Employers engage with the best agencies, and move candidates through their recruitment process using the website’s intuitive free software.

Employers benefit by receiving fewer unsolicited calls from agencies, access to thousands of recruitment agencies and millions of candidates through a single point of contact, and greater control of their recruitment budget. While recruitment agencies gain access to a regular flow of qualified vacancies. Hiring-Hub.com deducts a 25 per cent commission from the fixed placement fee upon a successful transaction.