Nicola Horlick’s IW Capital swallows Angel network Beer & Partners

IW Capital, the private equity firm focused on raising funds for early stage companies, is chaired by the fund manager dubbed Superwoman, Nicola Horlick, with Luke Davis as CEO.

IWC claim that their approach is simple; they look for companies with a good quality management team and a viable business, who lack the funds to move forward. They are completely sector agnostic and have raised funds for asset-backed companies as well as biotech companies and consumer product companies.

IWC’s aim is to ‘continually expand their client base and increase the amount they can raise for companies, whilst at the same time offering high quality investment opportunities to their client base.’

This aim however does not seem to include Beer and Partners staff as in an email sent to all those registered as angels with Beer and Partners seen by Business Matters Chief Executive Mike Weaver explained that “As with any business we are only as good as the people within it. Beer & Partners growth and success over the years is a credit to our associates who have remained highly professional and diligent throughout. Their passion for assisting companies seeking funds has driven our growth and successes.”

Weaver concluding “As our business moves over to IWC, many of our associates will be starting new careers or ventures, with which we wish them well and every success and I wish to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and wish you well for the future.”

In describing the deal Horlick said: “We’re not merging; it is a gradual takeover of the client base.”

Speaking about the takeover IWCs Chief executive, Luke Davis, said “he believes that the deal with Beer and Partners is a significant landmark in a fast-growing but fragmented market: “We bring a business model where everybody wins to the expanded investor base. Before we offer an investment prospect, it is carefully vetted and filtered for the highest levels of investment quality. Investors know exactly what they’re committing money to.”