Natural swimming pool business floats £160,000 crowdfunding plan

The technology is being developed by CWR at Cranfield University’s prestigious Water Science Institute, which conducts pioneering freshwater research. CWR has built 60 natural swimming pools since 2006 and expects to build another 12 in 2014.

Director Andrew Cox said, “The system under development uses natural processes instead of chemicals to control algae and pathogens in the water. It uses friendly microorganisms and minerals to control levels of phosphorus, nitrogen and acidity, resulting in a crystal clear chemical free pool with drinkable water.” He added that the long-term costs of natural filtration methods are up to 10 times lower than the ongoing cost of running a chlorine pool. CWR’s technology will provide an alternative to existing chemical-based methods in the water treatment market for new swimming pools, which is estimated to be worth an annual £700m in the EU and £1.2bn in the US.

Reflecting on the funding initiative, fellow director David Nettleton said, “this is a perfect example of harnessing the power of Internet to fund an ecological technology which has huge potential to create wealth and jobs for the UK economy, and now anyone can use the Crowdcube platform to invest in our ecological filtration technology from as little as £10.”

About Clear Water Revival Ltd Eco Entrepreneurs David Nettleton and Andrew Cox established clear Water Revival in 2006. The company has pioneered the development of Natural Swimming Pool industry in the UK, installing over 70 natural swimming pools since 2006. The company is based in Bristol and also has a network of resellers that promote its technology throughout the UK. It will be the first company outside of the source countries of Germany, Austria and Switzerland to offer its own filtration system dedicated to freshwater/natural pool, and the first such system capable of competing with traditional chlorine systems.