First ever Crowdfunding Week will be held in the UK in November

This year the event will run for a full week (10-16 November), the highlight of which will be the Deep Impact III conference in Sheffield on November 13.

Barry James, founder and CEO of The Crowdfunding Centre, said the week will be a celebration of crowdfunding, with events and activities being held across the country.

“We’ve collected data on more than 150,000 Crowdfunds so far and our collaborative research is uncovering the root causes and drivers that make crowdfunding so unfamiliar, vibrant and vigorous. Not to mention viral,” he explained.

“During UK Crowdfunding Week we’ll be sharing new research and key insights to inform decision makers, entrepreneurs, investors and business advisors as well as policy-makers and academics. We’ll be sharing top tips and techniques with project owners engaging with crowdfunding for the first time.

“Crowdfunding is opening up new opportunities for innovation and creating a whole new generation of crowd-powered businesses as well as changing the investing landscape. We’ll be uncovering ‘why’ and ‘how’ this is happening as well as sharing what you can do about it.”

UK Crowdfunding Week will see a focus on raising awareness across the country to encourage individuals, startups and businesses to consider crowdfunding as an alternative route to finance, as well as promoting existing projects and using new Google Earth style mapping tools to track the growth of crowdfunding.

Many of the platforms who joined in UK Crowdfunding Day last year are up for the challenge again – Crowdfunder UK ran a 24 hour extravangaza in 2013, launching a new project every hour for 24 hours.

And new platforms launched since the event last year are signing up to the event too: having missed out on UK Crowdfunding Day in 2013, CrowdShed is already planning an exciting series of activities to celebrate the first ever Crowdfunding Week.

Image: microphones via Shutterstock