Dating startup launch crowdfunding campaign to raise £50,000

Datemy is an online dating website for people to match make anyone – a parent, colleague, relative, or even an ex! For example, datemydad. The website creates a platform for matchmakers to sign up their single person, search on behalf of them, and send a list of potential dates. Matchmakers can even go as far as setting up a blind date.

Rachael Wardle, Founder, said: ‘Online dating has become the second most common way of meeting someone, but for some it can still be just as daunting as seeking a relationship in everyday life. For many reasons we believe that datemy is what the online dating industry is missing. Single people are bored of searching through endless profiles, most non-existent. The idea is inspired by my own story – my dad was a single widow for some time and he needed a nudge in the right direction. The amount of people I’d spoken to that had actually signed up a parent or a relative themselves on a generic dating website like just strengthened my vision of creating a new unique platform for all demographics. The money we are hoping to raise will help turn this brand into an established online dating website breaking down barriers which exist on many dating websites currently.’

Datemy are even giving away rewards for people who pledge including free subscriptions to the website, and a date with the founders sister. Investors can buy shares and receive SEIS tax relief on their income.

To read the pitch and watch the pitch video go to[ilink url=””][/ilink]