CrowdProperty secures £100m Institutional Backing


Specialist property peer-to-peer lender CrowdProperty has announced the backing of a major financial institution to lend up to £100 million of loan capital over the coming 12-24 months.

This news comes very shortly after CrowdProperty moved through major funding landmarks, funding the development of 500 Great British homes, worth over £80,000,000 having lent over £30,000,000.

Mike Bristow, Chief Executive of CrowdProperty commented that “The confidence this institution has placed in our processes to invest in CrowdProperty projects is testament to the relentless work we have dedicated to originating and securing high-quality loans, whilst maintaining the most outstanding, rigorous due diligence practises. Retail lenders can rest assured that our team, processes, controls and systems have met the highest possible standards, and are continuously being tested to ensure they are maintained.

“Institutional capital improves CrowdProperty’s capacity to fund larger projects, which we are seeing more and more of from our very successful direct origination strategies. This increases our appeal to borrowers and brings in additional income, allowing us to invest further in our origination strategies, leading to a greater number of project applications. This will result in an ever-increasing number of quality opportunities for retail investors to employ their capital and earn inflation-beating, first-charge secured returns with us.

“A mix of retail, high net worth and institutional investors leads to a more sustainable economic marketplace. SME property developers are poorly served by traditional lenders yet are increasingly important in tackling housing under-supply and developing the 300,000+ homes needed every year to meet the nation’s demand. The support of this institution and our loyal lender base means that we can provide more and more property professionals completing quality property projects with quick, straightforward finance and outstanding service, no matter the economic climate.

“The introduction of financial institutions to our funding mix will only grow the number of quality investment opportunities available on our platform. We will continue to stay true to the core ethos of peer-to-peer lending – the additional capacity, especially at larger project sizes, will drive more high-quality, first-charge secured lending opportunities for every investor, big or small, with the reassurance that our robust due diligence processes have met, and will continue to meet, the highest possible standards.”